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Top 5 Best High-End Makeup Products

Ladies, splurging on some high-end makeup products is okay! If you feel like treating yourself every once in a while with something luxurious and out of the ordinary don't let anyone stop you.

Women should have their holy-grail items which can turn their frown upside down after that long day at work, only in a matter of seconds! This summer, I've gathered some of the best makeup products for all of you to discover and use, so just keep on reading!

Top 5 Completely Justified And Must-Have High-End Makeup Items

1. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Giorgio Armani as a brand screams luxury on its own, and if you ask me one of his must-have makeup items has got to be the foundation.

This is an amazing boujee product which is lightweight, yet provides medium-high buildable coverage. Once applied on top of the skin it leaves a natural, youthful, and radiant complexion - ideal for the summer season!

It is great for any skin type and it comes in 30 different shades. If you are a fan of the natural and radiant air-brushed finish, you are going to enjoy this makeup item in the upcoming days!

Price-wise, you will get 30 ml of product for $64, which is a fair deal if you ask me considering it is Armani.

PS: The bottle is also super sleek.

2. Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

This is a holy grail for me when I'm doing client makeup since this product can set everything in place! It is ideal for both oily and dry skin types, and it has an amazing 12+ hours long-lasting finish!

This is also the #1 best selling setting powder in the world which can give you a matte flawless outcome. Its consistency is super lightweight, and it is super finely-milled so it won't settle into your fine lines or pores.

Once applied with a brush your makeup will set in place, won't look cakey, and won't crack during the day!

Since the powder is translucent it can suit many different skin tones, and there are 2 different shades for you to choose from (for light or deep complexion).

Also, there is the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder in a glowy version, which looks like a delicate highlighter, perfect for dehydrated skin or those who love that dewy look.

The product retails for $39 and you get 1.0 oz of product. Plus you also get a small puff which you can use to dab the product into your skin.

3. Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer

This is the mother of all bronzers, Terracotta never seems to fail me. It is a bronzing powder which provides a bit of that instant and natural glow in only one quick swiping motion.

Its formula is comfortable and enriched with moisturizing ingredients which won't dry out dehydrated skin types while providing longevity and amazing coverage. In fact, you will be left with a visible color payoff for 10+ hours, while the moisturizing effect can last for up to 6 hours!

The product is available in 10 different shades, and it has a mesmerizing scent of orange blossom as well as vanilla notes which are perfect for the summer.

The price for this luxury item is $48 for 10g of product.

4. Emotionproof Mascara By Tom Ford

Do you feel like you cry a bit more often than the ''typical'' woman? I often get clients with super sensitive eyes, as well as brides who know that they are about to be emotional.

Once dealing with these two kinds of clients I always reach for TF Emotionproof mascara.

This is an amazing long-wearing, a waterproof and lengthening product which will give you an amazing curl, while preventing your makeup to smear all-day-long! It creates an intense black creamy outcome which dries down super fast and leaves you with an amazing and glamorous outcome.

If you need something which won't smudge at any point or if you have sensitive eyes you will love this mascara.

If you are ready to commit to the price tag of $46 for a mascara, give TF a chance.

5. Chanel Ultra Hydrating Lipstick

Since it is the summer season it is crucial for you to add moisture and shine back to your lips as often as possible so they don't dry out or crack.

This lipstick by Chanel provides moisture, full coverage, yet it has an amazing creamy and lightweight finish. It is even filled with ingredients such as jojoba oil and sunflower wax which add luminosity to the lips.

The best part? This lipstick is available in 28 different and vibrant shades, as well as some soft colors which will suit everyone's personal style.

Its price is $38, but keep in mind that your lipstick comes in a sleek packaging, a true feminine, and lady-like Chanel tube.

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