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Fall/Winter Makeup Trends

It can be a bit hard figuring out the right way on how to do your makeup during colder weather. Fall and Winter are challenging on their own, and now imagine piling makeup on top! If your skin is cracky, dull or dehydrated, you can have a hard time applying anything on top. This is why here we will present the top 5 makeup looks that you will see everywhere in 2019.

Top 5 Must-Do Makeup Looks For Fall & Winter 2019

Wine Glossy Lips

During the beginning of this year, glossy eyelids were everywhere! Plenty of commercials tried to emphasize hydrated & glowy skin by also going for glowy eyelids. This trend slowly transitioned into glossy lips. Since it is Fall, you knew lips had to be a dark glossy red or a berry shade.

Who should do it?

Women who prefer wearing bright lipstick over a dark shadow. Also, women who want to emphasize their juicy lips & who love minimalistic makeup, but with a pop of their lipstick.

How to do it?

Wear minimalistic face makeup (but keep your skin nourished & moisturized) apply a statement lipstick on the lips. Outline your lips with a dark lip pencil and apply a lighter lip gloss over the center.

Gold Eye Makeup

Gold is the perfect winter color, especially during the holiday season. Gold looks amazing on any eye color, but it will make green eyes pop the most.

Who should do it?

Do a dramatic golden eye if you are out on the weekend. Go for a pop of color, and make sure you also incorporate some gold jewelry to finish off this look.

How to do it?

Add a brown eye shadow all over your crease. Make sure you apply a shimmery golden shade over your entire eyelid. Don't forget two layers of mascara, as well as a nude lipstick.

Porcelain Skin

Pale white & porcelain skin is beautiful! During colder winter days, you should emphasize your natural tone. No reason to go to tanning salons, just let your color shine on its own!

Who should do it?

Women who love to do facials, who nourish their skin, and who apply a lot of hydrating products on top will enjoy this makeup look. Make sure you drink a lot of water so you can avoid dehydrated and dull appearance in the Winter.

How to do it?

Add a moisturizer, eye cream, primer, and then foundation on top of your skin. You can also contour & use a concealer. Women who love that seamless finish should use a sponge to blend all the products in.

Morning-After Liner

A well-known 90's inspired makeup used to be a smudged ''morning after'' liner. Everyone loved doing their makeup this grungy, and slowly this trend came back on stage.

Who should do it?

Women who aren't precise with their eye makeup will enjoy this trend. You can emphasize your eyes with kohl liner in a heartbeat. No reason to use felt tip liners or scotch tape. The messier - the more interesting it will be.

How to do it?

Use a kohl liner and smudge it in your waterline or over your lash line. Use a q-tip and smudge out the color to get that reckless ''morning after'' look. Also, use a tinted stain to give your face some definition, so you don't look washed out.

Face Jewelry

After the show Euphoria came out, and everyone fell in love with it; women worldwide have been incorporating jewels to their makeup routine. There is something so sleek & magnificent about adding rhinestones & going for that glam look.

Who should do it?

If you are a fan of editorial makeup, if you love Euphoria, or if you prefer glamorous looks, you will enjoy rhinestones. Aim for this style if you are off to a party, for NYE, or even for Halloween.

How to do it?

Try to glue-down your jewels one by one. Apply some lash glue to each rhinestone. Make sure you are working with smaller & larger gems. Place your rhinestone over your eyelid or in your inner corner. Make sure you place this gem with a pair of tweezers and wait for your glue to dry down.

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