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Beginners Guide To Perfect Nails

Trying to look after your nails on your own can get challenging. Often women don't have the right set of tools on deck and that's why they like to visit nail salons. However, if you want to DIY and get beautiful nails on your own & at home, just read through this guide. Here's how to look after your nails & get them to the perfect healthy state!

How Do Healthy Nails Look Like?

  • You have pink or white nail plates

  • Your cuticles are present & not cut

  • Your nails & white tips are the same length

  • They aren't peeling off

  • They aren't red or inflamed

Top 10 Must-Do Steps For Healthy Nails

1. Clean Nails & Hands

Clean nails along with your hands are already half the job. You should remove all the traces of color with your nail polish remover (just make sure it is acetone-free since it won't dry you out), and also do gentle scrubbing every here and there. Remember to wash your hands a couple of times a day & always remove any unwanted traces.

2. Clip Them

Long nails are beautiful & they can look appealing. However, short nails are way easier to maintain - especially if you are a beginner. Start with a shorter rounded style and make sure you shape every nail the same way. If one nail ends up breaking make sure you even the rest of them & get the exact same style.

3. File The Right Way

Have a nail file with you at all times & ready to go. If your nails are prone to peeling & breaking try to fix them up the moment they crack. Make sure your file is gentle and always file upwards. Never do back & forth motions since these can break your nails. Purchase a crystal nail file since these are the best for weak nails.

4. Clean Your Tools

Try to disinfect your tools between each use. Just as you clean your makeup brushes you should clean your nail files & clippers. Wash your metal tools with soap and water and wipe them away with rubbing alcohol.

5. Use A Base Coat

A base coat will act as a primer for your polish application. It protects your nails from being stained with straight-up polish but also boosts your natural nail growth. Only after you've applied your base coat you should add one or two polish colors.

6. Use A Top Coat

A top coat seals the deal and gives you that much-needed gloss finish. You should apply one or two layers of your top coat since these will also prevent chipping of the nails. You could also go for a matte finishing coat if you are into matte manicures.

7. Give Your Nails A Break

You should let your nails rest & you should stay away from nail polishes every other weekend. Let them rest & repair on their own by adding a clear gloss on top. Don't let your nails turn yellow and don't dry them out.

8. Always Moisturize

Just as your face needs moisture so do your nails. Purchase & use almond oils, avocado oils or jojoba oil on top of your hands, cuticles & your nails to give them back the lost moisture.

9. Wear Gloves

Stay away from harsh chemicals as often as possible like when gardening, doing dishes or cleaning your bathroom. All of these can dry out your nails & hands and cause your nails to peel. If you must rather put on some rubber gloves to protect your hands and then clean away!

10. Eat The Right Food

Did you know that your fingernails are made out of keratin? This compound is also found in our hair. The more we nourish our body with vitamins E, fish oil & biotin, the better & healthier these two will grow. Incorporate protein-rich foods into your diet & you'll have strong nails in no time!

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