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Top 5 Fall Hair Colors Which You'll Love In 2019

A slow pace of August makes you want to switch some things up the moment we step into September, doesn't it?

September is a month of change, so why not think big and get a major hairdo? Although your vibrant yellow, pink or neon highlights have been a fun & bold choice for the beach and the summer season, it is time to get something a bit less high-maintenance.

Plenty of women prefer low-lights & dark burgundy solutions. Keep on reading to find out what is going to be ''it'' this season!

Top 5 Must-Have Fall Hair Colors

1. Honey Highlights

For who: Women who love low-maintenance hairstyles. Especially for those who have a warm undertone.

Honey highlights which are seamlessly placed & blended throughout your hair will look great on every woman, no matter her age! You can go for balayage or sombre highlights if you are all about the simplicity of this color & its low upkeep. Just make sure you add enough of shine-enhancing spray so that your hair ends up looking healthy, shiny & voluminous.

2. Gingerbread Caramel

For who: Women who love a bit of copper in their hair. Also, way more appropriate for mature ladies.

Try to incorporate a soft brown along with a seamless red into your hair. Gingerbread caramel color gives warmth to your face & skin while seamlessly blending in for this weather season. A defined & sharp bob cut is a killer choice when mixed along with this color option. Women who love serious & formal colors will love the gingerbread caramel.

3. Red Velvet

For who: Women who love hot red fiery options. Also ideal for lighter skin tones.

Red velvet is a hot fiery hair which is very vibrant + it got its name from the well-known red & delicious cake. It is a mix of everything: dark red, purple & burgundy, ideal for women who love true Fall trends & colors! Once properly cut & layered this hairdo will look flawless for day to day events.

4. Mushroom Blonde

For who: Women who have pale skin tone, as well as a cool undertone. Also ideal for blondes or platinum blondes who are on a lookout for something new.

This shade of blonde is very icy & washed out. It isn't a vibrant solution which you'd typically go for in the summer. This, in fact, is something which you will easily rock from September - March (aka during colder months). The color is reminiscent of mushrooms, and it looks flawless once cut in layers.

5. Peach Cobbler

For who: Everyone

Peach cobbler hairdo is a newer trend which is a bit hard to achieve. It is the perfect dessert-inspired color which is made out of gold & copper tones, as well as some light washed out vanilla. This hair color is very rich & healthy, plus it is not too hard to maintain. It will suit many different age groups, skin types & hair lengths.

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