The Best Nail Colors For Work, Vacation And Party

Looking for some of the prettiest nail polish colors? Are you off to a holiday getaway or a birthday party? Maybe you need a quick inspo for your wok nails? Either way, you will find 9 fun nail ideas which will suit any of these three events. Keep on reading and find your perfect shade!

Top 3 Nail Shades For Your Work

1. Hot Red Manicure

You can never go wrong with a hot red manicure. Women who love feminine options & who love classical nails will love this shade. Once paired up with a bright red lipstick these nails will pop even more!

2. French

The most asked for nail design at every salon (including mine) is a french manicure. There is something just so classic, effortless & feminine that works on every lady + it is the perfect work-choice.

3. Good Old Nude

Younger women or women who have shorter nails usually go for the good old nude. If you love lighter colors & you feel like nude is the easiest to style with any of your outfits - get it. It can also work great as your simple vacation color.

Top 3 Nail Colors For Your Vacation

1. Bright Yellow

Hot and neon yellow screams summer and is the most vibrant choice you could go for. If you love hot shades and you love to stand out you will love this one.

2. Pastel Blue

Light blue is fun & can be worn to any event or during any season. It usually looks the best on longer nails and it should be worn by every lady, no matter her age!

3. Green

Hot green or a muted dark green is a popular choice for the spring season. If you love nature & you love these earth tones make sure you go for this design.

Top 3 Nails Colors For Parties

1. Silver Or Chrome

Bright silver screams fun + it can easily be your go-to everyday manicure. It is not too flashy but is ideal for NYE celebration or any other semi-formal events.

2. Glitter Nails

If you are someone who loves to apply glitter and you love all the bling make sure you get this design. You can also throw on some gems & crystals on top if you prefer dramatic nails.

3. Dark Purple

Lastly, this is also an often choice for the New Year's and it usually looks the best on women who have shorter nails. Dark purple screams elegance, but is also a bit of a dare-devilish color.

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