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Back To School Makeup Trends

School just started and plenty of teens are super excited about expressing their style through clothes, hair & makeup. You've probably learned a lot of tricks by now throughout the entire Summer, and you are eager to show off your skills in class, right? Well, how about you express your style by going for some of the trendiest makeup looks at the moment. Here are the top 5 back to school makeup trends.

1. A Lot Of Blush

Hints of rosy and pink blush are an amazing & youthful trend. Women who aren't that big on blush should give it a chance. It will give your face some dimension as well as radiance. At the moment the monochromatic look is trending, which should also be your go-to style.

How To Apply It? Apply either powder or liquid blush all over your cheeks. Remember to use the same shade over your lids as a shadow. Finish it off by adding some color to your lips & enjoy your pinky fantasy!

2. Wet Skin

Dewy skin is minimalistic and perfect for the school! Women who aren't into high-coverage and who love to wear lightweight foundations will love this current trend.

How To Apply It? Add your favorite liquid highlighter all over your face and use it as a base for your makeup. Apply sheer & luminous foundation on top & let it sink into the skin before you set it with only a bit of powder.

3. Colorful Eyeliner

Black liners should step aside since bright neon is still popping! Girls who love bold & vibrant looks will love doing a cat eye with some liquid liner.

How To Apply It? Create a winged liner while using green, blue, purple, red, pink, yellow or orange liner! Stay away from black and brown, and let these neon shades speak for themselves.

4. Glossy Lids

Glossy lids look very sultry and are an amazing makeup trend when combined with your favorite mascara. If you are someone who likes to emphasize their eyes more than lips you will love this makeup look.

How To Apply It? You can use either an actual gloss and smear it across your lid. You can also use light & sheer liquid shadows since they are long-lasting and perfect for daily wear.

5. Gemstone Details

We can thank the show Euphoria for bringing back gemstones in fashion. Larger rhinestones or petite gems are a bit fancy & ideal for women who wish to stand out.

How To Apply It? Do your shadow in a subtle way and with several different brown shadows. Once you are done glue a few gems onto the lid with your lash glue. You can also pop just one gem into the inner corner and use it as your typical highlighter.

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