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How To Find Your Beauty Style

Trying to figure yourself out and finding your personal style can be difficult. This is why during our teenage years or our twenties we experiment, a lot. Beauty changes, fashion industry evolves, and beauty brands are constantly coming out with several different beauty must-have items that can be so confusing to use. If you want to know what is the right way to do makeup and if there is only ''the one'' beauty style, keep on reading and find your answers down below.

Learn To Emphasize & Love Your Best Features

Finding your beauty style begins at learning over & over about your facial features as you age. What is it that you are most proud of and that you wish to emphasize? For so many women this is their eyes & lips, while others are proud of their high cheekbones & petite little nose. Whatever it may be, make sure you love your chosen feature before you fully contour it, highlight, or open up with eyeshadow. This does not have to be something out of the ordinary, and it can change during the upcoming years as your face structure changes. Invest 5-10 minutes each morning when emphasizing this feature and you'll feel confident.

Eyebrows Will Always Frame The Face

Your beauty routine starts by combing & plucking your brows. Some women look way better with thin & slim brows (which is why they book their wax appointments every 2-3 weeks), while others emphasize their thick texture with a brow gel. Both looks are beautiful, this only depends on your personal preference.

Find A Hairdo Which Suits You

Out of all beauty-related things; a hairdo is something that you may not be the best at achieving on your own. Sure, you can customize your eye, lip & face makeup, but you can never get your hair to look ''just right''. This is why you should invest in your hair & ask a professional for their opinion. They will let you know what length & hair color will look the best on you depending on your face shape, undertone, and will determine if your hair is healthy enough for drastic change. Never bleach your hair on your own, and leave this step to your hairstylist.

Know That Sometimes Less Is More

Lastly, every woman can get jealous after she spots a runway model rocking a full-beaut face with a smokey eye & a set of luscious lashes. Sure, this does look pretty - but will it look good on you? If you are a minimalistic lover and you work from 9-5 know that sometimes less is more. Many women should focus on emphasizing their natural beauty & actually skipping on doing some steps.

If your lips are your strongest feature = always remember to bring your lipstick with you.If you have naturally glowy skin = make sure you pack some highlighter on top!

Long & luscious lashes? 2-3 coats of your favorite mascara will do the trick.

No need to do the whole transformation which consistent of priming, applying foundation, contouring, and doing a winged liner. Simply find something that speaks to you & stick to it on a daily.

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