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5 Remedies For Hair Loss

As we get older our body goes through so many changes. We tend to gain weight, we become slower, and our hair tends to thin or fallout. This often happens due to poor diet, stress, or it can be hereditary. In some cases and with some women this is linked to over bleaching and over-coloring their hair, as well as pregnancies or postpartum.

We tend to lose around 50-100 hair strands on a daily basis, which does sound like a lot. If you want to get more voluminous hair and you want to know how to handle it, this is the article for you! Say bye to root cover-up sprays and welcome your new baby hairs!

Massage Your Scalp

Massages can relax our mind, body & soul, as we all know it. However, these can also do so much for our scalp & thin hair. By doing gentle massaging strokes you are actually stimulating the blood flow to your scalp, and are encouraging new growth. All it takes is around 3 minutes of your time to get your circulation flow.

Add More Protein To Your Diet

Protein helps our muscles, hair & nails grow & stay strong. In order to enjoy softer skin & longer hair eat as many protein-based foods as possible. Those are beans, eggs, fish, nuts, some seeds, as well as chicken.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils such as rosemary, peppermint and lavender are ideal oils which you can use when massaging your scalp. Rosemary improves your overall scalp health, while peppermint oil boosts your circulation. If you don't mind the greasy outcome you should massage your hair with these oils every other day.

Take Vitamin D & Biotin

Vitamin D is essential if you are not exposed to sun rays every day, but it can also do so much for your hair. It is great for improving thin hair, and you can find this in cheese, some mushrooms, beef liver, fatty fish etc.

Also add Biotin which can be found in sweet potatoes, oats or eggs. You can also purchase it in a pill form and simply take your supplements on a daily.

Put Your Tools On Hold

As mentioned at the beginning, your hair could be damaged because you've been bleaching it your entire life. It can also be damaged if you've been using way too many of hairpins, clips, rubber bands & straightening irons. Stay away from blow-drying your hair, and rather let it air dry on its own till it recovers. Be gentle to it and you will minimize the damage.

PS: Also don't put your hair in a towel right after you get out of the shower. The friction which it creates can be quite damaging.

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