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My Top 6 Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands

I always thought that makeup should be fun to play with, but it should also be cruelty-free, am I right? Supporting brands which are cruelty-free has always been my go-to priority, and I think that everyone should at least keep this thought in the back of their mind just for the sake of some furry pals and our endangered animals. So, if you want to purchase the right kind of makeup, here are some of my favorite cruelty-free makeup brands.

Top 6 Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills

This has got to be one of the best and most common options for women who crave precise and luscious brows. I love ABH because they are cruelty-free and full of amazing brow pomades, pencils, brow powders, and even their contour palette is in my everyday makeup kit! Also, I would love to point out that their products are available worldwide, and although being a bit pricey, they are well-justified thanks to their amazing pigments.

2. Marc Jacobs

For my women who want to express their bold styles; Marc Jacobs is here to help. Not only that he is an amazing fashion icon who has in store some of the best higher end statement pieces, but he also has my favorite beauty essentials! Being a cruelty-free makeup brand allows him to present numerous products at a higher price, but if you ask me, we can't live without his foundations or best-selling lip glosses!

3. BareMinerals

Bare Minerals is all about that youthful and effortless look, which is why they are an amazing company for your complexion. Whenever I am doing bridal makeup and the bride is craving a bit of that glow, I freely go in with any of Bare Minerals products. These are also free of any harmful ingredients, which is why I love to use them on sensitive or mature skin types.

4. Charlotte Tilbury

CT is a high-end brand from the UK, and is also one of the best selling brands in Nordstrom. I love Charlotte for her innovative and different approach to Red Carpet looks, and I think no one has the exact same vision as her. Therefore, I love her red lipsticks, and they should be your staple piece as well. Oh and ever heard of hers Magic cream? It is a creamy dreamy smoothness in a bottle!

5. Tarte

Tarte dates back all the way back to 2000s, and it definitely has had an interesting journey. All their products are natural and free from gluten, mineral oils, parabens, and they have amazing staying power. For instance, I can use only a bit of their Shape and Tape concealer and enjoy high coverage throughout the entire day. This product is a holy grail, especially for women with darker eye circles.

6. Illamasqua

A brand which people have fallen in love in 2019 has got to be Illamasqua. They are recognized by PETA, and are filled with high-quality ingredients, amazing products, and are an amazing choice if you need diversity. Who would have thought that they've been on the scene for little longer than 10 years? If you've never heard or used Illamasqua, I'd definitely recommend you reach for their highlighters or lipsticks, these are amazing longevity wise!

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