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Long Lasting Makeup In The Summer

Summer is here, and you know what that means. Sand, the ocean, pool, cocktails, and a whole lot of fun! Fashion wise I've heard that neon will be popping and popular this season, while hair-wise you can always expect to see bright bleached highlights, and a whole lot of beach waves. However, I will dedicate this article to makeup, and will teach you how to get the perfect sweatproof, and long-lasting glam. Here are my top 10 rules on how to enjoy your makeup on 90+ degrees!

Matte Primer

Since high heat often means excessive sweat as well as an unwanted production of oils, make sure you are prepped and primed. Always use a mattifying and a blurring primer before you apply your foundation, and dab the product in with your fingers. Don't smear it around, and don't use brushes - your hands will get the job done just as well.


For my women with dry skin types, it is essential to bring back some moisture and glow to your skin. You can, for instance, use a hydrating primer on top to restore the lost moisture, or you can spray your skin with a bit of a hydrating mist, or your favorite setting spray. This will give you double priming properties, but it is a step which women with super oily skin types should avoid.

Medium Coverage Foundation

If you are a coverage lover maybe it is time to switch it up, at least for the Summer season. I suggest you use a medium coverage foundation and stick with something lightweight which won't irritate or smug your skin. Take your favorite brush or a beauty blender and dab the product in. Use a mattifying foundation if your skin is oily, or a satin foundation if it is dry.

Skip The Concealer

Heavy concealers are a big no-no since your under eyes can easily crack in the Summer. In fact, rather stick to a hydrating eye cream, and only apply a bit of your foundation underneath your eyes. This will leave you feeling a lot freer and will still give you an airbrushed feel, crease-free!

Bake For A While

Give your loose powder a chance and bake for a while, especially around your T-zone. By leaving the powder on for 1 minute you will actually set the foundation in place, and will be left with a long-lasting flawless outcome. Try and bake wherever it is that you get oily, such as your chin, nose, cheeks, and forehead area.

Avoid Creamy Products

Creamy products can easily fall apart and crack, which is why you should mostly use powders. In fact, avoid cream blushers, cream bronzers, contours, or cream highlighters. Use all of these items in a powder form, and apply gradually to your preferred and targeted area with a synthetic brush.

Set Your Brows In Place

Once you are done with your face makeup focus on the brows since they can easily round up the look and give your face more dimension. I believe that brow pencils, gels, or powders are a no-no, but a big win for me are tinted brow gels! These often have amazing color, while being able to set your brow hairs in place, in only 2 coating motions! Plus these are waterproof and they won't let your brows melt off.

Use A Waterproof Mascara

Women who love to accentuate their eyes should use waterproof products. Only use a waterproof liquid eyeliner (if you are glamming up) and use a waterproof alcohol-free mascara to give yourself a bit of that lash lift. Skip the eyeshadows since these will smear easily, especially if you have oily eyelids.

Hydrating Lipstick

Moisture is a must, especially when you are trying to get that tan. Women who are into sheer lipsticks will love their outcome! However, those who are into matte or liquid options should apply a lip balm underneath before they go in with their favorite lippie.

Seal The Deal

Lastly, it is crucial for you to set your makeup in place, and to give yourself a long-lasting finish. Seal the deal with your trusted setting spray since it will help you stay flawless during the entire day, and it will give you some hydration. Also, you can bring it with you and reach for it whenever feeling like refreshing up.

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