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Different types of Balayage Styles

One of my favorite go-to hairstyles for women of all ages is balayage. It is effortlessly beautiful, it doesn't damage your hair as much, and it can suit everyone! I usually love seeing it on brides, but also on virgin hair since highlights on chemically un-treated hair can look so lovely! If you are thinking about getting balayage done anytime soon, I will present you with a few different color choices.

What Is Balayage

Balayage was created by a French hairstylist sometimes in the 70s, and it is a technique in which a hair expert freely sweeps colors to your hair. By the way, did you know that balayage means 'to sweep' in French? Anyways, this is a subtle coloring technique which won't completely change your current hair color, but will give it some life, color & dimensions. Women who have red, brown, blonde, or chestnut colored hair can get balayage and will look the best with it.

How Is The Process Done?

The process isn't hard at all and is done with a foil or meche and some caps freehanded, which means that the color is applied individually. The color is applied in sweeping motions all over the hair with a brush and the backing board. I usually recommend that a client brings a picture with them of what they want to achieve, it makes it a lot easier for all of us.

5 Different Kinds Of Balayage

When at the salon, I usually do the following 5 kinds of balayage styles:

Pearly Balayage

This hair color is very silvery, and it even has some purple hues which look a lot like a pearl (hence the name). This icy washed out color usually looks the best on paler skin tones.

Rose Balayage

This is going to be one of the most popular balayage hairstyles for sure in 2019, and we can all thank Kylie Jenner for that, and her cute bob cut pink hair inspiration. This color combo is very gentle, feminine, and it isn't hard to maintain at all + it won't look bad once it's washed out.

Golden Balayage

I usually recommend this hair color combo for the summer season because I believe that it can look gorgeous once the sun rays hit it and shower with warmth! It is very exotic looking, and it may look the best on women with darker complexions.

Rose Gold Balayage

Rose gold can be a bit harder to achieve since it is a hybrid of two beautiful colors, and I usually do this hair combo on younger women since it suits their playful personality the best. I also recommend this balayage hairstyle with a short pixie cut or a bob cut, think it looks the best this way.

Brown Balayage

Lastly, this is the old-school go-to balayage that I still love to do to this day. Nowadays women who have an office job ask for this hairstyle since it is wearable, and not too 'over-the-top' in my opinion.

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