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Different Types Of Bangs & How To Style Them

I remember getting bangs a few years back and I remember everyone around me going crazy about them! My friends, colleagues, and clients gave me so many compliments, and so I've realized that I had to share my experience, thoughts, and ideas about all different ways to style your bangs. I highly recommend getting them no matter your age, hair length, or hair color! If you are interested in getting them done any time soon, then keep on reading!

Why Go With Bangs?

I personally believe that they are one of the easiest and quickest ways for you to update your hair without doing much.

Bangs can look chic and stylish, and you don't even need to cut your hair and lose any additional length beside the front part.

However, know that daily styling will become a thing, and you might have to put some additional work into the whole process, but you will get used to your new routine in a heartbeat.

Different Styles

1. Side Swept Bangs

The old and retro way of styling bangs I'd say. When I style my client's side-swept hairdo I always brush the hair out and straighten the bangs from the back to the front of the forehead.

I always use a lot of heat with this hairstyle since you need to tame down and point the hair on one side only, which can get difficult.

Hairspray wise, I use a flexible one such as Parlor's vitamin since then bangs effortlessly fall and stick to one side of the face.

I usually recommend this style to those who are in their early 30's, think it suits them the best.

2. Straight Bangs

The infamous Kerry Washington looks great on anyone! It is the easiest bang to achieve and is very easy to do in the comfort of your home.

When styling it, comb the hair forward while it is still wet and then add heat with your blow dryer while pulling the hair downwards.

I use equal heat distribution from one side to another, as well as down the middle part of the forehead.

Once I am done with the heat I will add some dry shampoo because I want to enhance every hair strain at the front and make it stand out even more. That simple.

3. Long Bangs

The old 60's are back in town, but they look very modern and editorial at the moment.

I recommend longer bangs to those who have a larger forehead, or if they like some diversity.

After figuring out which way I'm going to part someone's hair, I use a lot of mist and texture spray from the root to the end to create volume. This is highly recommended if you have fine hair as well.

Then, I will pull the bangs from both sides to the middle of the forehead and let them loose.

I believe that these long bangs look great on younger women, especially those who are going to wear a messy top knot or ponytail at the back!

4. Short Bangs

Who would have known that short bangs are such a struggle?

When creating this hairstyle, you have to be precise with your scissors, sprays, and the blow dryer.

I strive for perfection and symmetrical lines across the forehead, while sometimes even occasionally trimming the ends.

I always either blow dry the bangs or sometimes straighten them with a flat iron to get that full-blown out and straight look.

Also, some shine-boosting protectant spray or serum is a great idea as well, since you need some shiny focus on such small hair strains.

5. Curly Bangs

This is actually the greatest bang if you are someone who loves options and diversity.

Women who have naturally curly bangs can either leave them as they are and let them loose, or straighten them with a flat iron. Either way, they will have a full strike with this look.

Wavy bangs are something that you see almost always on Taylor Swift, and you should embrace the curl if you have some to work with.

When styling my clients' hair, I focus on using frizz-fighting products while letting their bangs to air dry since that way the curl looks natural and unique, not like your typical everyday 'salon' curl.

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