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Healing Hair Damage or Hair Loss

It happens to the best of us, we get out of the shower and the shower drain looks like Cousin Itt from The Addams Family is living in there. Damaged hair breaks easily and sometimes even the healthiest head of hair experiences hair loss due to other health problems. When your hair is not in its best shape, it can be an annoyance especially if you love to wear it down. Sparse spots on your scalp or dry, brittle and frizzy hair is never a good look.

Healing Hair Damage or Hair Loss

Hair Damage

As much as we love to change and play with our hair, it is important to keep it as healthy as possible. Most of the time, we don’t realize our hair is damaged until it gets out of control and needs a cut or half of the hair on our head is gone. But don’t forget that there is a difference between dry hair that just needs some TLC and damaged hair that either needs to be cut or treated intensely.

Signs that your hair is dry

Coarse to touch

Healing Hair Damage or Hair Loss #dryhair

Healing Hair Damage or Hair Loss #dryhair

Grab your hair while its dry. Squeeze it by opening and closing your palm. Does it make a sound like its causing friction? That is because its dry. When your hair cuticles have cracks in them, they try to cling to each other when they touch. This creates a rough look rather than silky and often, we use heat products or chemicals to make it feel and appear silky, creating more damage.

The L'ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL PRO KERATIN LISS UNLIMITED Shampoo and Mask adds intense moisture to your hair, taking it from coarse to a soft, silky touch. Wash with the Shampoo and apply the mask as recommended by your stylist.

Dull Hair

Healing Hair Damage or Hair Loss #dryhair #hairoil

Shiny hair is healthy hair, healthy hair is shiny hair. If your hair has lost its glow,

we are sorry, but dry hair does that. To get your shine back, use Mythic Oil regimen - by L'ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL and your hair will be camera ready. Also, pamper yourself with the luxurious Mythic Oil Treatment Ritual! (Available at Sara & Odete)

Gets tangles too easily

Healing Hair Damage or Hair Loss #dryhair #hairproducts

Like we mentioned above, when the cuticle of the hair is dry due to lack of moisture, it creates tiny little open cracks that try to hold on to one another instead of sliding out of the way like silky smooth hair does. Damaged, weak hair is hungry for some strengthening products. Biotin is a vital part of every single hair strand. Using vitamin B supplements as well as L'ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL Inforcer products will help your fingers slide through your hair without pulling. This intense repair mask literally forces biotin in your cuticles, making them stronger for the win!

Signs that your hair is damaged

Non-flexible + breaking

Healthy hair is supposed to be able to stretch to a point. If your hair is breaking as soon as you pull a piece, you may have over processed your hair while bleaching at home or layered too much dye on it if you have darker hair.

Healing Hair Damage or Hair Loss #dryhair #hairproducts

Split ends/ Fried

Unfortunately, friends, split ends cannot be glued together and just like chicken, once your hair is fried, there is no going back. A good trim will get rid of those split and fried ends. A professional filling treatment may help the rest of your hair feel and look a little healthier. Don’t forget the hair supplements so your hair can grow faster.

Healing Hair Damage or Hair Loss #dryhair #hairproducts

The L’Oreal Professionnel Pro Fiber Treatment is a three step process that determines your hair’s level of damage and puts you on the best course of action to care for your hair and get it back to looking and feeling healthy. For more information please go to


Hair Loss

If you are losing too much hair too soon, there can be multiple explanations for that as well.

First of all, no, you are not going bald if you are just noticing a couple of loose hairs on your bathroom floor. A healthy head of hair usually sheds around 100 strands per day. All the hair you find on your pillow in the morning, the hair that comes off when you run a brush through it and the hair in the shower drain -while not so appealing- is usually what makes up this number and it is totally not worth freaking out about.

However, if you have handfuls of hair coming out of your scalp and/or you notice a little bald patch on your scalp, it’s time to set the alarms off.

Healing Hair Damage or Hair Loss #hairproducts

There are simple fixes to some of the reasons you might be experiencing hair loss, more complex reasons you might need to see a dermatologist for and even some you just have to live with. A great excuse to get some luscious hair extensions.

Here are some of the reasons for temporary hair loss:

  • Mental or Physical Stress: Meditation, more exercise, and a healthier diet will help on top of whatever your doctor recommends.

  • Anemia: Hair supplements and more protein will help get your red blood cell count a little higher.

  • Too much Vitamin A or too little Vitamin B: This is a simple one. Cut down the vitamin A and load up on some Vitamin B.

  • Weight loss: Completely normal due to your hormones changing. Use hair supplements and coconut oil on your hair for 30 minutes before a wash and your hair will grow back in no time.

  • Certain Medications: If not stated otherwise, once you’re off of those pills, your hair will start to grow back. Massage your scalp to get blood circulation to help stimulate the hair follicles.

  • Damaged hair: If the damage got all the way up to the roots of your hair, you probably already know you messed up. Not wanting to shave it off, of course, is normal. From now on, until your hair grows back, let your hair air dry.

Healing Hair Damage or Hair Loss #hairproducts

You should discuss hair loss with your trusted doctor. Once the reasons are eliminated, determine your options on how to treat your hair and scalp.

to help your scalp grow stronger, healthier hair that you will once again be happy with.

Healing Hair Damage or Hair Loss #hairproducts

Definitely always use proper hair strengthening treatments to keep the hair you have healthy. There are some oils that help promote hair growth. Rosemary is one of the best oils for enhancing hair growth, which thickens the hair. Rosemary oil is believed to increase cellular metabolism that stimulates hair growth.

Studies have also shown that lavender oil possesses hair growth-promoting effects. In a 2016 animal study, topical application of lavender oil proved to significantly increase the number of hair follicles in female mice.

Healing Hair Damage or Hair Loss #hairproducts #hairplasma

There is a new treatment out there that is called Platelet Rich Plasma. According to the director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Saiani Hospiatal in NYC, "Our blood is made of two main components, red blood cells, and plasma. The plasma contains white blood cells and platelets, which are rich in growth factors."

The treatment process is when the red blood cells and plasma are separated from your blood, and the plasma is injected into your scalp. This helps stimulate your hair follicles and promote new hair growth.


Healing Hair Damage or Hair Loss #hairproducts

Don’t throw the masks and oils away once your hair is healthy and filled back in. Preventing damage and loss is super crucial for the future of your hair. Use intense oils, like this L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil, to penetrate your locks deeply and provide the shine, strength, and fullness you have been looking for.

It is so hard being a woman, right? If you follow these steps and don’t see a change in the fullness in our hair or your damaged hair does not benefit from any of the treatments we mentioned above, then maybe it is time to say goodbye to some of it and get a shorter, cute look. Or you know, hair extensions.

Whatever your choice may be, your hair will grow back eventually and this time, you can make sure not to damage or lose it again.

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