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All About Platelet Rich Plasma

A lot of women lately have been talking about the Platelet-rich plasma, so I've decided to do my fair share of research regarding this subject. The PRP treatment (platelet-rich plasma) is a substance which helps with the healing properties of your face, skin, hair & body! It can help with cell growth by fixing any broken or damaged tissues. Sounds intriguing? Keep on reading!

Why Use These Injections?

Some scientists believe that PRP can be injected into your scalp and that it can help promote healthy & strong hair growth. Women who have been dealing with hair loss will benefit the most from this treatment.

PRP can also help with damaged muscles and bone malfunctions and will help you heal from any recent injury.

Lastly, PRP is a great micro needling technique which can boost your collagen production and give you a flawless & radiant complexion.

What Is The Process Like?

PRP is done in many different ways (depends on whether you are treating hair loss, some skin issues, or muscle issues). However, once you get to your clinic the nurse will most likely apply a numbing solution on top of your treated area to numb down your pain level.

After that, a nurse will draw your blood from your arm which they will use on your wanted area. The blood will be placed into a centrifuge which will spin quickly in order to separate the blood. The whole process takes only 15 minutes, or even less. After that, they will inject this separated plasma into your skin, muscle, or scalp.

The process itself is quite expensive, and you can expect it to be anywhere from $500-1200 (based on your treated and targeted area) just per one session.

Why Do PRP On Your Face?

PRP for your face will help you remove any fine lines, wrinkles, unwanted folds, or even acne scars while giving you an even and flawless complexion. You will get rid of any texture as well, and your skin will have that glow from within. Regular treatments will boost your collagen production, which means a lot more flexible and youthful looking skin.

After the process is over you may experience slight bruising and swelling for up to 48 hours. Make sure you avoid the sun, as well as any makeup application after the process is over. You can go back to your everyday lifestyle after 2 days of recovery. You will need around 2-3 treatments done every 8 weeks if you want to maintain your results.

Why Do PRP For Your Hair?

PRP will boost your hair growth while boosting a better blood flow to your hair follicles. This therapy has been used on hair since 1980's and has been helping out with severe hair loss, as well as alopecia. Once injected into the scalp you will have to give it around 30 days in order to spot the results.

Specialists recommend redoing these treatments every 6 weeks in a batch of 3.

Both men and women prefer this solution since it is a lot more convenient than the typical hair transplant, plus it has no downtime.

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