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                    SARA has been designing hair and makeup concepts in New York since 2001. She graduated                             from Institutes in NYC and received many certifications from L'Oreal Professionnel TEMPTU, S.O.Cap                       USA and Keratin Complex . 

                             By 2004, she had gained the respect, training and tools to launch Salon Lush. Salon Lush continued                                   to become a successful and profitable business well into 2009. During these years, she dedicated her                               life to the inner workings of her business and ensured her client’s expectations and desires were                                       always surpassed.

​                             Presently, is working in New Beginnings Salon, as a Colour Specialist, Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist.                                   She uses fashion-forward hair and make-up techniques to create a unique and chic look for her                                         clients. She offers the perfect day at the salon with her precision cuts, color design, and flawless                                         professional make-up application. Although she is highly qualified and skillful, she continues                                               adopting new training as she stays ahead with all the new and upcoming fashion trends to ensure                                    her clients receive top-quality services.

                            Her focus is to make each one of her clients leave the salon feeling beautiful and unique by giving                                     them a new, inspiring and uplifted look. Her calling is to offer big city looks while staying ahead of the                               new trends to guarantee her clients are red carpet worthy every day of the week.

                           Sara’s clients are treated with the utmost care and attention every single visit. Her passion is experienced through her superior service; the effort she puts into incorporating her client’s needs with her knowledge and care put into the hair and make-up design and applications. Simply washing and cutting hair is not the end product with Sara’s clients, they will each receive a pampered package with her love of hair designs. She works with her clients and develops a specialized technique that is unique for each client’s hair type and style and delivers a great hairstyle every time created with her expertise that suits the heart and soul of her happy clients.

 Odete has an interesting background both of Portuguese and French. She was born in Côtes-d'Armor (Côtes-du-Nord), France and moved to Barcelos, Portugal. She was born into the beauty industry. Her mother  owned and operated Top Beauty Spa in Barcelos, Portugal.

Odete has extensive training in the beauty industry.  In 2002, she studied at CEN, Centro Nacional de Estetica y  de Cabeleireiro. She is also a certified OPI technician and Andrea Valomo. After receiving her certifications she moved to the USA in 2007. She started working as Sara’s assistant and as a European waxing specialist at  Salon Lush. In 2021, both Sara & Odete moved over to work at D'Salon where she is currently still working.

Every artist has a brilliant assistant that compliments the masterpieces. Odete helps Sara with every job        ensuring Sara can work fluidly and with ease to create the perfect hairstyle for her clients. She specializes in conditioning hair treatments, scalp massages, and European body waxing. She works with seamless precision and makes every salon service feel like a spa treatment.  

Sara and Odete have become great friends despite the boss and assistant roles at work. They work as an efficient and brilliant team, and encourage new clients who are looking to glam themselves up to book an appointment with Sara & Odete at D'Salon.

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