How To Choose Your Curling Wand Size?

October 8, 2019

Trying to curl your hair on your own can get difficult as well as confusing. However, on the other hand, women don't feel the need to spend hundreds of dollars weekly while getting their hair blow-dried & curled-up. If you feel like you're willing to master this skill I will share with you the right way on figuring out the perfect curling wand for your hair type & length. 


What Barrel Is The Best?



Every curling iron has its barrel size which should correspond to your hair length. If your hair is shorter you will go for a shorter barrel and if your hair is long you should use a larger barrel. When purchasing your next favorite curling wand, make sure you take into consideration:

Your hair thickness


The more volume you have, the harder it will be to style your hair. You should work your hair section by section until all of it is curled. Usually, women with thin or short hair will style & section their hair in minutes. 


Your hair type



Women who have wavy, frizzy or curly hair will achieve volume & curls a lot quicker. There is no need to add any hairsprays on top, along with matte clays etc. If your hair is naturally wavy you will achieve the curl a lot faster. If your hair is naturally flat & thin make sure you properly wash it, give it some bounce, and also use volume-defining products.


So, What Barrel Is Ideal For You?


  • If your hair is super short or it goes up to your shoulder length you should use a 3/8 inch barrel.

  • If your hair is short or if you have a bob go for a 1/2 inch barrel.

  • If your hair is medium-long go for a 5/8 inch barrel if you are trying to achieve spiral curls.

  • If your hair is medium-long go for a 3/4 inch barrel if you want to achieve vintage flowy curls.

  • Long-medium hair should use the 1/4 inch barrel for waves.

  • Super long hair can use 1/2 inch.

  • Extra-long hair can also use the 3/4 inch if you are trying to achieve beachy waves.



And there you have it! An approximate guide on what size exactly you may need. Make sure you take your time when styling your hair for the first time & don’t be too hard on yourself if it doesn’t end up looking just right. Practice makes everything perfect.


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