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Great Hairstyles For A Job Interview

What you do with your hair on the day of a job interview can be crucial for sealing the deal. Your appearance will say a lot about you, and you should invest time & effort into making yourself look presentable, professional, yet stylish. Here are the top 7 hairdos which you can go for when coming in for an interview.

Top 7 Hairstyle Ideas For a Job Interview

1. Long, Sleek & Shiny

For who: Women who have straight, thin & non-voluminous hair.

How to: Wear your hair straight only if you have flat texture. However, make sure you apply a hefty amount of hairspray to give it more life & shine. You can rock this hairstyle no matter your hair color, or hair length.

Just make sure you wear your hair behind the shoulders at all times since it looks a lot more professional.

Also, you don't want to risk it and have it stick to your lip gloss.

2. Low Ponytail

For who: Women who have highlights

How to: Make sure you have no frizzy strands when you tie your low ponytail. You can also secure the lower part with several different bobby pins and make sure that it has enough support.

Ponytails hairdos will look the prettiest on women who have sombre, ombre or balayage highlights. This look will add a lot more dimension as well as softness to your overall appearance, and it looks quite feminine.

3. Pin On One Side

For who: Women who have bangs

How to: If you have bangs and you are not too sure how to do your hair in a professional way make sure you push them aside. You don't want to worry about strands getting into your eyes and you losing your focus since this can look unprofessional. Use 2-3 bobby pins and pin the hair behind your ear and you'll be good to go.

4. Loose Curls

For who: Women with wavy hair

How to: Embrace your natural hair texture and go for loose & soft curls. You can also go for heavy & tight curls. You can define them by emphasizing some strands with a curling wand or even with your flat iron. Just make sure your hair doesn't look too stuffy or frizzy at the top and set it with some hairspray.

5. Short Pixie

For who: Women with short hair

How to: A pixie cut looks very professional & formal and is often an amazing look for mature women. If you already have short hair make sure your hairdresser cuts it into a pixie. You should apply some hair gel to tame down the baby hairs, and only spike-up some parts which you truly need to emphasize.

6. High Bun

For who: Women who didn't have the chance to wash their hair

How to: High buns are super practical since they can look so chic, yet they can hide away any smaller imperfections. If you didn't have enough time to wash your hair just wear your hair in a bun, and apply a hefty amount of dry shampoo on top. Buns are easy to do since all you have to do is twist the top and secure it with a hair tie.

7. Choppy Bob

For who: Women with mid-length hair

How to: Choppy bobs will look good on you only if your hair is straight. You can chop up the unwanted layers and get the illusion of fuller texture. This hairstyle looks very classy, just make sure you part your hair properly and in the middle before going into the meeting.

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