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Beauty Tips For Moms On The Go

Being a workaholic mom who's always on the go has got to be the most challenging task. You experience sleepless nights, you drink way more coffee than you should, and you are always on a lookout for multi-purpose makeup solutions. So, in today's article, I thought I'd share some of my favorite tips & tricks regarding hair, makeup, skincare & nails! If you want to save a lot of time & some money, keep on reading!

Top 8 Beauty Tips For Moms On The Go


Overnight Braids

Who has time to wash their hair every second day? At this stage of your life, dry shampoo had probably become your best friend, and this is okay! What you can do is ignore your dry shampoo for once, and rather invest 5 minutes the night before. Tie your hair in a French braid, and enjoy wavy and beach curls the morning you wake up. This look is effortless and will save you so much time when compared to your blowouts.


A mini bottle of hairspray should be a statement item in your purse. This also applies to some bobi pins. You can reach for these and give yourself a shiny updo in a matter of minutes. Women who are getting to their work through public transportation will enjoy this little hack. Simply give yourself a sleek bun in 3-4 minutes on a metro, it is that easy.


All In One

Using a multi-task face cleanser is a must in the early mornings. Use something which cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates your skin. Also, use a lightweight moisturizer which contains an SPF just so you're ready to go out the door.

Eye Cream

You probably want to cover any dark spots or under eye bags fast & easy. This is why you need to use an eye cream. However, if you are truly running out of time carry this item with you. Apply just a few dots once you get to the office and give yourself a lifted and youthful appearance.



Your hands are probably prone to drying out since you are always cleaning, changing diapers and shopping for all the baby necessities. This is why you should carry a hand cream which has an SPF in it and reach for it every couple of hours. It will also give your nails a bit of that shine & will make them look like you've had just enough time to go and get a manicure.

Bring Vaseline With You

A small tube of vaseline is petite since it can fit into your bag, and it is definitely practical. Vaseline can be used for everything: dry skin, cuticles, scars, and cuts. You can reach for it during the day just to bring back some life to your nails.


Multi-Task Lip Balm

You probably can't find the perfect matching blush to go with your lip color. This is why you can purchase a balm stain which has multi-purposes. You can apply just a dab of this onto your cheeks, as well as at the center of your lips. This will give you a youthful and evenly blended look in a second.

Get Lash Extensions

Doing winged liners and using mascara is a challenge in its own. This is why you should invest in lash extensions. These will make you look like a true diva the moment you wake up! You won't have to invest a single minute into doing your eye makeup. Simply apply your favorite BB cream, tinted balm, and you'll be good to go! Lash extensions last for weeks, so why not give them

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