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5 Tips to Keep Your Nails Strong

Brittle, short and damaged nails are often spotted on many girls and women who come to my salon. Poor habits such as nail biting or even picking can lead to damaging of your cuticles, which is why it is vital for you to stop doing it. Also, by getting frequent manicures, gel-polishes, as well as acrylic nails (which are the worst) you are not allowing your nails to rest and heal on their own. By not giving them enough of air, moisture, as well as proper nail-care you are slowing down their growth.

So, in this article, I will teach you and show you my top 5 go-to tips for keeping your nails long and strong. Try to add all of them to your everyday activities and thank me later!

Top 5 Tips For Making Your Nails Strong

A Cuticle Oil Is A Must

There is no reason for you to cut your cuticles, but rather invest in high-quality cuticle oil. In fact, did you know that by cutting the cuticles you are ruining your nails natural protective barrier? And by doing that your nails are actually even more prone to breakage, germs, and bacteria.

Make sure your cuticles are moisturized on a daily basis by some cuticle oil (which is possibly filled with almond) and let them soak in all the moisture so that they can recover, as well as act as a great shield for your nails.

Biotin Supplements Are A Good Idea

If your nails are short and brittle there is a huge chance that you are lacking Biotin, so maybe you should invest in a Biotin dietary supplement. Once you intake it you will increase your nails thickness and will have stronger nails in a few months. Since this is a vitamin it can't have immediate results, and you should give it time to spot them. You can also purchase omega 3 capsules and combine them with biotin, just ask your local pharmacist for the recommended daily intake.

File Them The Right Way

After you cut your nails with clippers you need to shape them with your nail file. The best nail file is a soft fine-grit cushion one instead of a metal file since it is a lot softer.

The key to long-lasting and sturdy nails is in filing them only in one direction and not doing back and forth motions since these can rip your nails or cause them to tear. Also, you should opt for an oval nail shape since it is the closest one to your natural nail shape, therefore it is also the sturdiest one.

Don't Over Soak Them

Avoid excessive water exposure at all times and as often as possible. Now, although this does sound a bit impossible, you can always protect your hands from the unwanted moisture. For instance, you should wear a pair of rubber gloves when doing your dishes, and try to minimize your exposure to hot steamy showers, pools, and the ocean. Water can soften your nails and your cuticles, which is why it is crucial for you to bring back all that moisture with some creams and oils after exposing yourself to water.

Stick To A Healthy Diet

Lastly, a healthy diet will promote long and strong nail growth. By adding food which is filled with antioxidants your body will protect itself from radical damage and will have a positive outcome on your nails. Also try to add as much of magnesium-rich almonds, as well as vitamin D, leafy greens, and fish. Don't forget to drink 1-2 liters of water per day, and watch your nails transform in no time!

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