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Hair Protection During The Summer

Hair protection is way more important than you'd imagine. Think about it. We take so much care of our nails, skin and hair on a daily basis, right? However, we should definitely invest a bit more time and money during the Summer season. Why? Excessive heat, high temperatures, and a lot of wind can damage our skin and hair, which is why it is essential to hydrate it throughout the entire season. Here is how to take care of your hair by following only 4 important steps. Take Care Of Your Hair In Summer Heat Protectant Sprays

Heat protectant sprays are a must-have for the beach since they can act as a great protective shield for your strands. Based on your hair type, color, and your texture, you should choose the appropriate kind for your hair. Women with brittle hair should definitely invest in this little tool, while those who have had some hair treatments (which I will mention and talk about down below) can skip on purchasing these sprays. Hair Masks

A hair mask which is filled with oils such as almond, macademia, shea etc are an amazing investment for women who want soft strands. If your hair is naturally dry, be aware that it will become even drier, more frizzy and brittle once exposed to high heat. You can purchase a hair mask in a raw form, or in a form of a leave in conditioner. Leave the product on for 5-10 minutes and rinse out with cold water. This will promote healthy growth while closing your cuticles and letting everything settle in your strands. Keratin Based Products

Keratin is an amazing element which you can use in order to get healthy and strong nails, as well as hair. It is also often found in some supplements and dietary products. For instance, you can purchase Biotin which is naturally known for boosting your hair and nail growth. Besides this, I would highly recommend keratin filled shampoos, conditioners, as well as leave in treatments. Also, you can try out Olaplex, which is a special treatment which allows your hair to maintain moisture while keeping it away from heat and severe damage. Those who end up doing Olaplex can easily skip on using heat protectant sprays. Regular Cuts

Regular haircuts are, unfortunately, a must. Regular haircuts will allow you to maintain strong, long and healthy hair throughout the entire year. By getting a haircut every 3-4 months, you are actually promoting healthy and proper growth. Also, this haircut doesn't need to be too dramatic or too short. Just cut the ends of your hair around one inch and try to maintain that length during the Summer.

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