2019 Prom Hairstyle Looks

PROM. The most extravagant, beautiful, and often stressful event for many young girls that come to my salon. If you are off to your prom and you are trying to find an ideal hairstyle for you, make sure you read through this article. Here I will let you in on top 5 new, trendy, and super bold and unique hairstyles that you should know about, and which you should try out for your big night.

Top 5 Prom Hairstyle Ideas


Braided hairstyles are always the right choice for your prom. I usually do either back or side braids on girls who have shorter hair, and who prefer simple over extravagant looks. I'd recommend you go for this braid and also add some loose beach waves to round up that gentle and feminine fantasy. Also, you can add a hefty amount of hairspray to keep the hair in place during the entire night.


Bangs are an unusual trend which came back out of nowhere in my opinion. However, this look is super playful and ideal for accentuating your eyes and your eye color. I recommend going for a set of curtain bangs if you have big round eyes, and if you want your facial features to stand out and pop 24/7. Also, make sure your makeup is quite dramatic if you go for this hairstyle, it will look cohesive once done the right way.

Floral Updo

Bright flower accessories are ideal for those who are into soft and gentle flirty looks. A large and fluffy updo will look even better once you pair it up with some flower hair clips in the back. Make sure your updo is secured with several different boby pins, and be very careful when dancing the night away! I'd recommend you go for this hairstyle if your hair is medium-long, and if you prefer formal over sexy hairstyles.

Voluminous Ponytail

My favorite prom hairstyle is definitely this voluminous ponytail. It usually looks the best on girls who have light or washed out hair, or on those who have some bleached highlights. I always do a fluffy top with some curled strands at the back, and I make sure the ponytail is secured with 2 elastics. If your hair is blonde or covered in highlights I believe you are going to pull off this hairdo in a heartbeat.

Bling And Sleek

Lastly, a statement piece which mesmerized the beauty community - bling silver clips. If you love some bling action make sure you add 2-3 giant hair clips or any other similar silver/shiny jewelry to your hair. I'd go for a super sleek and straight blow dry, with a lot of different shaped pieces throughout the entire hair. Finish off the look with some glossy hairspray and enjoy the night!

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