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Top 4 Go-To Makeup Looks For Prom

It's the prom season, and I know that many parents are excited about their girls graduating. On another note, I remember how thrilled I was when I had my first prom, and I also know how many excited teens come to my salon wishing for the ultimate glam up! If you are someone who knows exactly what to get this prom, great for you! However, if you are still indecisive, why not try out one of these five makeup looks which are perfect for the prom?

Bold Lip

Super dark goth lips are a huge statement piece which you can commit to, especially if you have naturally fuller & juicier lips. In order to balance out this lip only do darker & bolder eyebrows, but play it safe & minimal on the eye makeup.

Women with smaller and more-rounded eyes will look the best with darker lips, and also those who have brown, dark brown, or even black hair.

Dewy Skin

If you are feeling great about your skin and you have minimal breakouts go for something wet-like. I love the Hollywood red carpet looks, and I adore all the shimmer. Girls who don't mind the body makeup and who want to accentuate their hydrated skin with a lot of highlighter will love this look.

Face makeup-wise, I'd recommend you go for a glossy lid with some simple lashes, and a whole lot of clear gloss to round up this dewy fantasy.

Minimalistic Lover

If you are a natural beauty and you don't love heavy cake ups, go for something semi-natural. I'd recommend a high-shine lip, a bit of a tinted moisturizer, along with a liquid blush. No reason to do eye makeup, but you can do three layers of your favorite mascara, and only comb through your brows with a clear brow gel.

If you are someone who can't stand heavy makeup and you feel like you'd constantly pick or touch your face, avoid any smudging mistakes by going for this minimalistic yet cute outcome.

Neon Lids

As you know it by now, neon has been killing it this season. If your dress is going to be (let's say) neon green, do a bit of a bold contrast on the lid, and settle for pink neon shadow. This can be a bit extra, but if this sounds like you and your style then go for it!

Emphasize your eyelids with a bold neon cat-eye, and go super sheer on the lips. This heavy makeup is quite attention-seeking, so make sure you are comfortable with this before committing to it.

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