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Spring Hair Cut Trends

Every year as well as every season something new pops in the beauty industry, and swops women off their feet. This year thus far that's been bright neon for most of us, but now as we are slowly transitioning into the Spring season where we'll be switching to something else. For most of us, Spring means changing your hair & giving it some new colorful highlights, but also embracing fashion-forward trends & styles. At the moment we can thank many high-end fashion shows as well as our favorite celebrities for bringing some old-school styles up on the scene (such as the 70's shag), which we will talk about down below.

So, if you are thinking about switching your hairstyle and you want to stay trendy here are the top 4 hair choices that you should go for.

Curly Bangs

Curly bangs have been brought back to the scene mostly because of Zendaya and her bravery of rocking them. This is great news for my girls who have naturally curly & frizzy hair, and who don't want to bother straightening it each & every morning. This time simply do your curls by using some hair mousse and give them volume.

PS: I would pair this curly bang look with some giant glasses or earrings, think it gives the look an interesting & a unique vibe.

70's Shag

Textured lobs or the 70's shag are very low-maintenance while looking and screaming luxury & sophistication. Women who want some texture should go for a fringe and should use a lot of hair-spray to tame down their hair. Also, after seeing this haircut on Taraji P.Henson women went wild, and have been asking for a shag at my salon ever since!

I also think that this look is very businessy and fashion-forward, which is a vibe that every 30+-year-old woman should go for.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bags can look great on long & short hair, but I'd recommend them on those who already have a bob. They are great at creating distractions, and they usually look the best on women who have bigger foreheads. These bangs looked gorgeous on Selena Gomez & Gigi Hadid, and I think that every girl who has a slim figure would love this 'open' hairdo. I would recommend it to those who are still in school or at college since it looks the most appropriate for that age group.

Pixie Cut

After Kerry Washington rocked her pixie cut at the Oscars the internet went wild! Side swept bangs on a cute & short pixie cut are a statement piece for every lady. Also, let's not forget to mention that this look is effortless and that it will allow you to move carefree while avoiding any hassles with your hair.

You can style it straight or wavy, and still enjoy the fact that your hair won't touch your face at any given point, and it will only take you 5-10 minutes each morning to style it.

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