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Grow Perfect Hair for your Wedding

Perfect, long and healthy hair for your big wedding day can seem like mission impossible sometimes. I get all kinds of brides on a weekly basis, wondering and stressing about their ideal hairdo. Throughout the years I've learned what are some hair-care tips that every lady should follow along, especially if she craves silky smooth hair in the long-run. Here are my top 6 tricks on how to grow long & beautiful hair for your big day!

Be Gentle To Your Hair

Try to be gentle in terms of styling on an everyday basis. Keep your hair down & loose, and stay away from bobi pins, hair clips, and hair ties. Also, you should avoid any harsh chemicals, as well as hair dye & bleach if you want your hair to look healthy. Any chemical treatment can strip away your natural oils, which will leave your hair prone to breakage. Avoid this and rather leave it natural for 3-5 months, and let it heal and repair.

Avoid The Sun & Chlorine

High heat in the summer season can damage our hair. Overexposure to UV rays will dry out any hair type (especially super dry hair) and will leave it a lot more brittle and damaged. Also, chlorine water can dry out your locks, which is why you should stay away from these two factors at least 2-3 months before your wedding.


Stay away from your flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers since all of these can create frizz and burn your strands. If possible, try to air dry your hair. If you are doing this in the winter season make sure you have your heater on and only then proceed further with this step. Also, be aware of the way that you are brushing your hair - damp strands should never be brushed since they are more prone to damage. Always squeeze out the excess water and comb it through after it dries down.

Drink Water

Plenty of water means a lot healthier and dewy skin, as well as shiny hair. You will successfully push out any bad toxins that are in your body and will promote healthy hair growth. Try to drink 2-3 liters a day, and also cut out sugar. Replace it with some fruits and vegetables, maybe also some vitamins since all of these can successfully help out your entire body inside-out.

Use The Right Shampoos

Shampoos that are filled with parabens and silicones are a big no-no for your hair. These can block out nutrients that your hair demands and can disturb its natural growing process. Find an amazing silicone-free shampoo (which is often a bit more priced, but it is worth it in the end), and pair it up with a proper conditioner. Both of these will do wonders for your hair. Also, don't forget to purchase the right kind for your hair type (ex. dry, oily, normal, weak etc).

Silk Pillow Case

A silk pillowcase sounds like a luxury item, but you do need it. Silk fabric is ideal for your hair & skin since it is a lot softer and it doesn't allow your hair to break in the night. However, cotton or linen can pull and tug your hair, causing it to split while you sleep. Your silk sheets and the pillowcase won't create any friction and will be a lot comfier to sleep on.

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