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Get Rid Of Dandruff

Dandruff is that little something-something which all of us will occasionally experience. Believe it or not, every other customer which I work with at my salon does have dandruff. This is a case of the itchy scalp which often flakes and causes a small little white mess on your clothes and along your hair. If you are fed up with dandruff and you want to remove it I will let you in on a couple of natural & safe remedies which can temporarily vanish it.

Why Do You Have Dandruff?

Sometimes we do ask ourselves this, and in most cases, I've realized that my clients are either:

a) Experiencing oily, clogged, or irritated scalp

b) Do have a condition called Seborrheic Dermatitis

c) Have a fungal infection

d) Are not using the right hair products (too harsh with a tendency to dry out the hair)

e) Are not brushing their hair often enough (often brush strokes increase the blood flow which will help with the normal shedding process while reducing dandruff production)

How To Deal With Dandruff Quick And Easy

4 Solutions

Tea Tree Oil

Thanks to its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory benefits this oil can help with dandruff. It does not have the best smell in the world, but it can be effective. All you have to do is add 3-4 drops to your palms and work directly into the scalp. Leave it on overnight and rinse out the next morning with your regular products.

Baking Soda

Something that all of us do have in our kitchen must be baking soda. This little ingredient works great as an exfoliant since it can remove dead skin cells and reduce the redness as well as the itchiness of the scalp. You should apply it to your scalp when in the shower onto wet hair. Leave it on five minutes and press the product deep into the skin. Rinse out and continue with the use of your regular shampoo.


Lemons can be a bit harsh and can leave you with a stinging sensation, especially if you have sensitive skin or a sensitive scalp. That's why you shouldn't to this method more than once a week. Take a lemon and massage two tablespoons of your lemon juice to the scalp and after five minutes rinse out with lukewarm water. The lemon will help with the pH level of your skin & the scalp while also helping with scalp psoriasis.

Bananas & Avocados

This smoothie is an ideal solution for women who also need a bit of moisture and is a great go-to if you have dry hair. Avocado is rich and filled with antioxidants and a banana will help with sensitive scalps. Use two bananas and one avocado when mashing them in your bowl. Apply the mixture with your fingers and leave on for 40 minutes. Later rinse out with cold water and wash the hair with your trusted shampoo.

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