Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Summer is here, and you know what that means; a lot of beach waves! I love this season since almost all girls & women ask for ombre beachy hairstyles, which are actually my favorite to do. However, if you are not too sure which hair color can suit you, and you don't know which way to sway this article will help you battle out your fear of coloring your hair. Here is how to get the perfect hair color for your skin tone, with 3 basic rules.

Current Season

When it comes to undertones they fall under different categories. For instance, summer & fall are considered as warm undertones, while spring & winter are cool undertones. Usually, warmer hair colors are a lot more worn & spotted in the summer because the season itself is bright, fun & warm, but also because the Sun can reflect your golden highlights the best way possible.

However, this doesn't necessarily mean that everyone should get warm highlights for this season, but be aware that they are a huge trend.

Your Veins

Did you know that the color of your veins can tell a lot about your skin tone and your undertone? For instance, women who have light blue or even purple veins are usually light-skinned and they have a cool undertone. They will look the best with neutral, colder, and ashy hair colors.

Women who have green veins usually have a warmer undertone, and they can look great with anything that has a hint of gold & yellow in their dye.

Another way for you to determine your undertone is in the way you tan. For instance, in case you burn easily you probably fall under the cool tone category. But, if you can get bronzed skin in no time, you are warm toned.

Your Skin Tone

Now, if your skin tone is cool then you probably have a slight pink hue to your skin, right? Women with cooler skin tones look the best with platinum and icy blondes, as well as with washed out blues, but you can also do a pure black. The contrast between these two colors can look so heavenly and almost Snow White like!

Warmer skin tones usually have an olive-based undertone, and they look sun-kissed most of the time.

If you have a warmer skin tone and you want to accentuate it with your next hair dye, get a set of blonde highlights. You can also go for a rich auburn, honey blondes, warm & beige blondes, a well as chocolate browns.

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