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2019 Bridal Hairstyles

If you are getting married sometimes this year first of all congratulations, and second of all; you've come to the right place! Here, I will explain and list the top 6 must-have bridal hairstyles which will be huge this year. These have been highly talked about and loved on the runway, but also in high-end magazines, so just keep on reading!

Flower Crowns

A classic updo with a lot of floral elements will look great on every bride-to-be! These fashionable flower crowns are very reminiscent of Ancient Greece and are ideal for brides who love extravagant looks. This trend will allow you to embrace your fierce style by getting a large crown with vibrant artificial and natural flowers.

I'd recommend this look to women who already have naturally curly hair since the flower pieces will easily stick in their strands, and the process of application will be a lot faster.

Tendril Moment

Even though Meghan Markle got married in the summer of last year, this trend is still on-going, all thanks to her! This is a universally beautiful bridal look which also looks very traditional thanks to the two framing pieces which are pulled on the sides and away from your face. This hairstyle doesn't require a lot, just some twisting of the strands, and a classical bun on the top! However, I'd say that this look allows you to play a lot with your makeup since it reveals your facial features and shows off your face.

Bow Craze

Hair accessories such as bows have been coming back in fashion, and they've been coming back in style! This effortless style will look lovely on my minimalistic brides, and those who love the overall traditional look. The little bow accessory is placed around the ponytail, while the hair is curled at the ends with a flat iron. I wouldn't tie it up too hard, I'd rather leave it a bit loose because it gives an illusion of wavier texture. Also, a bit of texturizing spray will do magic at this point, and the look itself will look better on younger women.

Braid Brides

Women who are into edgy and unusual bride hairstyles will enjoy these newer kinds of braids. They are the well-known fish-braids, but are also covered in specs of glitter, and are emphasized with elegant & fierce silver makeup, and a lot of jewelry. Women who prefer comfort over style will enjoy this look since it will keep your hair away from your face during the entire night, and let's not forget that it will look stylish in photos!

Headpieces & Accessories

Lastly, who would forget about the new jewelry and accessory craze? This is such a 2000's throwback where you can see that truly more is more! I've been spotting giant clasps all over the internet, but as of now on brides as well. If you are someone who prefers a lot of bling this hairstyle will suit you because it allows you to wear quite a lot of heavy pieces. You can have a stunning classical updo or hair pushed on the side and covered in plenty of little silver or even golden accessories!

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