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Detox Tips For Your Entire Body

Often we tend to let ourselves go wild & lose during the winter period, and we end up needing a quick & easy detox routine. If you are a lot like me and you like to snack during the winter and you sometimes end up throwing on a pound or two more than you wanted to; don't stress about it, and rather detox your body. This process can be super helpful for your skin, nails, hair, body, and definitely your mind. In this article, I will share with you my top 5 go-to detox ideas that might turn your world upside down.

Hair Mask

Make your hair super shiny and sleek by getting a hair mask every two weeks or so. If you use curling irons or hair straighteners you should reach for a hydrating and nourishing hair mask. Perhaps something which is filled with shea butter or macadamia oils? Enjoy your favorite show, drink a cup of coffee and let the mask does its job overnight!

PS: You should also try out some organic hair products, these are ideal for women who want healthier and shinier hair.

Face Masks

Use a face mask which comes in a jar to remove any blemishes and to give yourself a brighter and more radiant complexion. These masks are also great for women who have dry or acne-prone skin. You will be left with a luminous complexion right after it sinks into your skin, and we all need a bit of luminosity during the winter season, don't we?

Pass On Wine

Although many of us love to wine & dine, this time you might want to drink some herbal tea. It can detox your entire body while leaving you with smooth & clear skin. You can drink chamomile, ginger, and peppermint and enjoy their anti-inflammatory properties. Try to stay away from wine for 3-4 weeks, and your skin & body will be thanking you in the future.


If you are in the mood to go out and get a professional manicure or pedicure. Brittle nails will enjoy a high-quality strengthening nail polish, and all the ladies should use a buff file when shaping and sorting out their nails. Also, it is good to rest from gels or acrylics every once in a while and rather let your natural nails breathe.

Heatless Hairstyle

Heatless hairstyles can also look so beautiful! Try to invest your time into some other things, such as reading a book or cooking your favorite meal instead of spending 30+ minutes trying to curl your hair. Turn on high heat at your house and don't blow dry your hair after coming out of the shower. Let it air dry and embrace your natural curls or even flat strands! Your hair will look healthier after 3-4 weeks, it won't look damaged, and you will enjoy its sleek outcome in the future as well.

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