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All About Lashes

There are several different kinds of lashes that will be a huge hit in 2019. If you are trying to do something new, I would suggest any out of these top 5 lash treatments. These are ideal for younger girls, but also for workaholic women since they are very sturdy and long-lasting.

Glue-On Lashes

I always use glue-on lashes on my clients when I'm doing their makeup. I find that these have a good hold, they are very natural looking, and are inexpensive.

If you need a solution that you can do on your own at home this is it! When applying these lashes just make sure you have a glue (clear or black), a pair of tweezers and mascara.

Usually, you can reuse these lashes for up to 10 times! They come in several different sizes, shapes, and materials.

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are a semi-permanent solution which is done at a professional salon. These lashes are applied on top of your natural ones one by one with an adhesive and two needles.

Women love these because they can last for up to 4 weeks! They are also sweatproof, heatproof, and waterproof, which makes them ideal for your holiday getaways!

Once done, they can look very natural, or dramatic, based on your preference. Women who need something in a long run will benefit the most from these lashes.

Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic lashes are quite new to the market, but they are slowly becoming a huge hit. These lashes are applied by fingers and once put down will stay on for hours, due to their strong magnetic hold.

One lash is applied on the upper eyelid, and the other one is placed beneath your lash. The process is quick & easy, and ideal if you are allergic to lash glue, or if you are a beginner when it comes to these things.

Women who are impatient and who don't want to wait around for their glue to dry down will love magnetic lashes. These can also be reused for up to 10 times, and are very affordable as well.

Lash Lift

LVL (length, volume, lift) is a process which needs to be done at a professional salon. This process involves a high-quality solution which needs to be applied topically on top of your lashes. Once done, you will need to lie down for 30 minutes and wait for the substance to work.

After your lashes are dry and free of any chemicals they will appear a lot more voluminous and lifted. You can also apply your favorite mascara on top and have even more volume.

Women who love practical and easy solutions will love the lash lift. It is natural, and great if you have long yet flat lashes.

Lash Boosting Serums

Lastly, if you really want to give your natural lashes some additional boost you can try out some lash-boosting serums. These come in an oily substance which needs be applied each night at the root of your lashes.

The main thing regarding lash-boosting serums is consistency. If you give the serum 2-3 months to work you will definitely notice a severe improvement.

Women who are not in a rush and who want to give their natural lashes one last chance should purchase a lash boosting serum. In time, you will definitely spot a difference. (R+F Lash Boost™)

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