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Fashion In 2019

Since Fashion Week is the most popular and talked about event at the moment, I thought about giving into it as well. NYFW has been a must-watch for many people worldwide in the last 75 years, and it seems like each year we learn something new. For instance, I never thought that those ugly dad sneakers would be back in fashion, but look at all of those Balenciaga’s and Chanel's at the moment, oh my!

So, if you want to know what's going to be a huge trend in 2019, here is the ultimate 5:

Hippy Designs

If you are a fan of boohoo styles you will love what 2019 has in store for you. All the looks on the runway are very flowy, feathery, chunky, and off-the-shoulder with deep wide cuts on the sides and down the chest. Hippy designs look like they've found their inspiration in India, or some secret indie cultures since their main pieces are very flashy, asymmetrical, all about scarf dresses, fringes, and giant colorful earrings. If you love a colorful saggy look, make sure you bring out only the best items from your wardrobe.

Color, Color Everywhere

Classy and bright patterns are back, especially in a form of business wear. Women will love reaching out for their vintage tailored blazers or jackets which are either pink, yellow, green, or blue! As much as neon as possible, please. Pastels will also be trending, and you should wear asymmetrical and relaxed clothes in whatever way possible, and for any opportunity.


This trend will accentuate balloon sleeves, bubble skirts, huge and weirdly shaped gowns, as well as sunray pleats and duchess satin dresses. You will see a lot of Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs coming out with some retro '50s looking items which are appropriate for formal and glamorous events, and not as much for your daily wear. The general rule is as short, as puffy, as precious, and as unique and attention-seeking as possible, please. Women will definitely get that devilish look if they end up exploring wonky outfits.

Square Shoes

You either love them or hate them, there is no between when it comes to square shoes. This old 90s trend is coming back in fashion and will be available in almost all forms, but mostly in kitten heels, boots, mules, and pumps! This square toe has a renaissance feel and vibe to it, which is very elegant and sophisticated, meaning that you should wear these shoes during the weekend, and not as much for your daily activities.

Sweetness Overload

The irresistible sweet valley high is very popular even at the moment, and it will definitely develop some more in the future. Think about all the graphic skirts, shirts, and oversized sweaters in many different colors & prints. The look is all about pastel colors with a clash of stroke and stripe prints, oversized jackets, and boxy blazers. It is definitely fun & bold but is also the most wearable kind during everyday life due to its chic and relaxed vibe.

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