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Tom Ford Lip Colours

Playing around with several different lip colors at any given point is a must for me. Sometimes, I like to mix and match in order to get the perfect and ultimate lip shade. However, luckily & lately, I've been experiencing only the best with Tom Ford lipsticks. I find them to be smooth, long-lasting, and definitely vibrant. These are on a pricier side and are high-end, but will leave you with the most flattering finish. If you are thinking about purchasing one specific shade I can recommend even 10 of them, just keep on reading!

My Ultimate Go-To 10 Tom Ford Lipstick Options

When I do my own and my client's makeup, I find myself often reaching for:

1. London Suede

This is a satin matte formula which looks full-coverage after one swipe only. It is a warm beige and the ultimate nude lip color for anyone! I would recommend this one as your everyday lipstick due to its comfortable formula and feminine and soft color finish.

2. Modern Love

This is another satin-matte formula which feels buttery smooth due to its soja seed extracts and marine-based ingredients. This muted raspberry color will look the best once paired on up with a coral blush on lighter skin tones, I love it for glamorous night outs!

3. Cherry Lush

Cherry Lush by Tom Ford is a gorgeous vibrant blue-based rose red. It is very silky-smooth once applied on top, and it can be built up to full coverage once applied in two layers. Features a nice sheen without any shimmer which you will love for hours and hours to come. I find these colors to look the best on pale skin tones, especially during this time of the year.

4. Scarlet Rouge

This is a medium and warm toned red which provides a bit of a satin sheen on the lips. The color payoff is minimalistic, yet feminine and eye-catching. If you prefer lightweight formulas and colors you are going to love this one. I usually use it on my brides who prefer a bold lip color and simple eye makeup.

5. Paper Doll

If you are a fan of baby pink colors you are going to love this one. This is a light or medium pink shade with some warmth and a lot of creaminess to it. If you need longevity and comfort you will love it. I think pinks look the best on women with bleached blond hair, which is who I think should purchase Paper Doll.

6. Velvet Cherry

I think it is cute how plenty of Tom Ford lipsticks contain cherry in their name, don't you? Anyways, this is a matte muted red-brown with a lot of warmth. It dries to a semi-matte finish and looks very natural on the lips. Personally, I think it looks great on any skin tone, age group, and it looks lovely with any hair color. I would recommend this lipstick for your everyday office wear, or for your casual birthday parties.

7. Heavenly Creature

Another ultimate pink lippie that I'd recommend if you are into matte shades. This is a medium pink with a yellow undertone. It dries to a satin matte finish and feels velvety on the lips. It looks great on those women with yellow undertones and is the ultimate pink lipsticks for any opportunity.

8. Plum Lush

This velvet matte lipstick is the prettiest medium-dark raspberry color which I love to apply on darker skin tones. It features a cool undertone and dries to a satin-matte finish. I love its pigment and the fact that it feels a bit hydrating, this makes it ideal for brides and those women who demand longevity.

9. Pussy Cat

An everyday matte light cool toned purple which everyone can pull off! This is a unique plum lipstick which has some slight pink undertones and a velvety feel. The lipstick is ideal if you wish to stand out, and the fact that it is vanilla-scented doesn't hurt either.

10. Stimulant

Lastly, my go-to tenth shade is this one since it is a muted cool toned berry with some soft sheen. I usually build it up and apply 2 layers for the perfect color intensity. It looks great on any skin tone and is the perfect night-out lip in my opinion.

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