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My Top 6 Tools That I Use For Hair Styling

Women often ask me what are my go-to hairstyling tools, and today, I will gladly share with you some of my holy grail items. These products will suit any hair type and will come in handy for your everyday hairstyling moments, but also for glam situations, just keep on reading!

1. Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer

If you want to achieve volume and shine in one step I highly recommend this brush-like hair dryer. Thanks to its oval design I can easily create frizz-free curls starting at the root and going all the way down to the ends. Also, the fact that the brush works thanks to ionic technology is great because that means a lot less breakage, even for the most sensitive or brittle hair types! You can work with 3 different heat settings and get the results super-fast, without burning your fingers!

2. Convertible Collection

If you are someone who travels a lot, then you might benefit the most from this 8-piece kit. I use this whenever I am on the go, and if I have space in my luggage. The kit is consistent out of several different wands and barrels, which makes the styling fun & easy. You can expect to get all sorts of different curls, such as defined, polished, wavy, or voluminous. Thanks to its tourmaline technology, the tool can close the cuticles while providing them with shine and moisture on the inside, while reducing frizz on the outside. Also, you can play around with 5 different heat setting (serves thin and extremely thick hair just right), and you can lean on its one-hour auto shut off option if you are in a rush.

3. Cura Luxe

This is an Allure winning hair dryer of 2018, so I had to include it on my list as well. I believe that it is the best dryer which provides rapid drying and delivers soft results in a matter of minutes. I love the fact that it has several different heat settings, as well as a volume booster switch and a pause sensor. You can achieve both straight and curly hairstyles with this one, as long as you know how to work it. It performs on 5 different heat and 2 different speed settings which I personally need.

4. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

If you want something that is a bit fancier looking and that can act great as a birthday present I highly recommend the Dyson hair dryer. There are several different vibrant and stunning colors to choose from (I personally love the purple & chrome combo) and I think that everyone should at least try it out in their lifetime. The dryer protects the natural shine while the air temperature is measured 20 times each second, which allows it to stay under control. The best part? The nozzle stays cool thanks to the heat shield technology and its 4 precise heat settings.

5. L'Oreal Steampod

If you need a solution that will leave you with straight and shiny hair then try out this Steampod. It is a professional straightener which uses a continuous flow of steam to hydrate all of your strands from inside out without causing any heat damage. Your hair will be left with a whole lot of shine thanks to its five temperature options, as well as a detangling comb which will help you achieve defined hairstyles. If you want straight strains you will love the Steampod, ideal for even thick and coarse hair.

6. SinglePass X

SinglePass is my go-to iron when I'm working with thick, long and coarse hair. It is very powerful and it works its magic thanks to its one-and-a-half-inch T3 Tourmaline and ceramic plates. It seals the deal a lot faster and traps moisture inside of your cuticles without frying your hair. It is very gentle and ideal for long-lasting results. You get 5 different heat settings, as well as the one-hour auto shut off option, and 2 sectioning clips (which my curly, long, and coarse hair women need).

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