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How To Find The Perfect Red Lipstick

The current season means wearing red lipstick 5/7 days in a week, and I love it! This time of the year allows you to express your bold style, and many women love to reach for bright red colors, as well as burgundies! However, it can get tricky when you have to find the right undertone or the color which will make your teeth appear pearly white, which is why this article will help you with your daily struggles. Here is how to find the right tone of red based on your skin tone!

What Is Your Undertone?

Once you answer this question, you will be a step closer to finding the ideal red shade. You can have a cool undertone (which looks very pink all over your skin), or you can have a warm undertone (yellow hue). If you are not too sure what your skin color gravitates to more (cool or warm), you can find the answer by going through your jewelry box.

The so-called 'jewelry test', will tell you what looks better once pressed against your skin:

- If you prefer and look better in silver jewelry then you probably have a cool undertone

- If you prefer gold jewelry then your undertone is warm

- If you are not too sure and you feel like you can pull of anything just as well, then you have a neutral undertone. This means that this undertone is very versatile and will look great with anything on.

Your Veins

Another quick test which will tell you what your undertone is can be found in your veins. Take a close look at your wrist and figure out whether your veins are blue (cool undertone), or green (warm undertone). If you can't figure it out, then you are, once again, in the neutral group.

What Lipstick Will Suit You?

Warm Undertone

If you are in the warm undertone group, this means that you lean toward orange and yellow toned reds. This type of red looks the best once applied in a sheen or satin form, since often orange reds are not too pigmented, which makes them a lot more natural looking once applied on the lips. However, you can go for mattifying options if you love this finish the most. Lastly, you can line up the corners of your lips with a darker lip pencil and create the ombre effect.

Cool Undertone

The well known blue toned red will look the prettiest against a cool skin tone. Women of all ages love a good matte or liquid matte red shade both for their formal and casual night outs. You can line up your lips with the same colored lip pencil and even follow up with a high shine gloss with some white shimmers, ideal for this time of the year!


Women with neutral skin tones will look good with anything on, but their ideal match is usually found in darker cherry red colors with some golden sheen on top.

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