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What Eyeshadow Will Make Your Eyes Pop

Playing around with different colors is always fun, and is one of the main reasons why I love to do my client's makeup! Women often come to me thinking that nude and neutrals are the way to go, and I always encourage them to do a bit of a pop. Since eyes are the window to your soul, make sure yours is super fun, bright, and colorful! How? By choosing the perfect eyeshadow!

Brown Eyes

Women with brown eyes might often feel like they are excluded and not as special when it comes to makeup application. However, brown eyes are very versatile, and can look good with anything thrown on! I believe that brown eyes will pop the best with a sexy and sultry smoky eye. They usually look the best with some hues of blue, gold, and definitely green. If you are someone who has deep dark brown eyes, you will look the best with a deep dark blue shadow. Lighter brown eyes can go for neon blues & greens and enjoy a fun and colorful look. When I do makeup on others, I usually apply a brown shade on the corners and a vibrant blue on the crease. I follow it up with a glittery golden shade in the inner corner and voila, the best eye-opening shadow combo that you can go for!

Blue Eyes

Blue eyed women are lucky since their eyes look attention-seeking on their own. No reason for heavy makeup, or for an additional pop of color. In fact, I'd play it neutral and toned done with this combo. Any warmer eyeshadow will give women with blue eyes a pop. Usually, a warmer brown or even a rich red will look magnificent! Whenever I'm doing bridal or formal makeup on blue-eyed women, I love to go for a rich brown smoky eye. I usually apply lighter neutral brown shadows in the crease and an orange or red onto the outer corner. Also, I love to finish up the look with some get black liquid liner, I feel like it really finishes off the whole makeup look.

Green Eyes

If you are one of the lucky 2% of people who have green eyes, you can definitely hype up your eyeshadow game! This privilege will allow you to play with purples and pinks for the ultimate eye-opening look. You can't go wrong with a matte purple shadow on the lid, or even as your go-to liner in the lash line. I would recommend going for a lighter shimmery purple or pink during your daytime activities, but stepping it up with darker and bolder at nighttime. You should also create a faded black liner by using black shadow and smudge it up on the upper lash line, at least that's how I would. Also, don't forget the brow highlight, anything icy and white will look the best with green eyes and purple shadow.

The Ultimate Universal Solution

If all of these options seem to much and overwhelming, or if your eye color is a lot different than the classic brown, blue and green, no worries, you can go for the bulletproof solution. One of a kind flattering options is, believe it or not, black. A black eyeshadow, followed up with some gold or brown elements will look flattering on everyone. Go for either:

Black smoky eye

Looks fantastic on every lady and is the ideal nighttime makeup choice. Just make sure your blending skills are good enough since black color demands precision, and allows no mistakes.

Light Brown & Gold

An everyday option which you can wear to the office. Make sure you apply the golden shadow on the center of the lid, and in the inner corner. You can round up the eye with some neutral brown shades on the crease.

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