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The Perfect Makeup Look For Colder Days

As you switch to your winter clothes, make sure you also bring along your new makeup items! During Fall and Winter, rearranging some steps is crucial if you want to be left with hydrated skin, and attention-seeking makeup. This article will help you do your makeup fast, efficient, and appropriate for the season and these colder days!

Makeup Look In 5 Steps

1. Skin

Your skin might feel drier than the usual, that is why it is important to moisturize. Use your favorite daily moisturizer and follow it up with your luminous primer. Something that is tacky and shiny will suit every skin type the best. However, if your skin is super oily, you will have to set your face with a loose powder. If your skin is on the drier side, leave it as it is and enjoy your glowy complexion. Let the primer sink into the skin before you proceed with your foundation. Use something that is medium coverage, and that can blend easily. Don't use super mattifying options since they might leave your skin flaky and blotchy.

2. Bronzer

Although every woman loves to look bronzed and glowy during the Summer, you should play it low and minimal in the Fall. Make sure you apply a smaller amount since your tan will fade during this period. You should embrace your paler skin tone, and instead replace your bronzer with a bit of a pinky blush. Chances are your brown contour won’t match the rest of your body while the rosy cheeks will look a lot more natural and appealing during this time.

3. Kohl Eyeliner

Kohl eyeliner can be harder to apply since it can end up looking smeared. Luckily, a smeared look is always trending! Kohl eyeliners are a perfect choice since they are long-lasting and water resistant. Also, a black liner will look great against a paler skin tone. Finish up the look with just a bit of some brown or nude eyeshadows, and a whole lot of mascara! During these colder days the entire focus is on the skin, as well as the lips; therefore your eyes can rest and enjoy some minimal makeup.

4. Darker Lip

Vampy lips are always a hit, but especially during Fall and Winter. Turn to plum or burgundy colors since these will look the best on pale skin tones. Dark mauves are also very popular, along with the classic blue toned red. However, make sure you moisturize your lips moments before you apply lipstick. During this period they might chip or crack after being exposed to a lot of wind, rain or snow, so make sure that they are scrubbed, moisturized, and prepped for your lipstick, lip gloss, or lip stain.

5. Eyebrows

Lastly, you will have to do something regarding your eyebrows since they might fade underneath all of that foundation. The best option to go for is either a brow pencil or a tinted brow gel. Luckily, just like our eyes don't need a lot of effort, the same goes for our brows. They can be very thin, light, and natural, and they will end up looking perfect along with our complexion. Brush them through and fill in the sparse areas. Set them with any colored brow gel and enjoy the visible color payoff, as well as a strong-hold throughout the day.

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