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Fall Skincare Routine

Whenever the season changes so do our habits, as well as our everyday skincare and beauty routines! The cool weather makes its way in, and we have to dish out for our season appropriate items. Not only that we have to go through our warm and comfy jeans, sweaters, and scarfs, but we also have to invest in some other products in order to avoid having dry and flaky skin. So, if you and your skin want to look and feel your best, you should read the following article and 'fall' in love with some essentials for these colder days!

Top 5 Perfect For Fall Skincare Treatments

1. Oil Based Scrub

Adding some extra oils to our skincare routine is a definite must during the colder period. You should purchase an oil-based scrub at any mall or drugstore and enjoy your 5 minute swimming in oil session every night before you hit the bed! This will open up your pores, let your skin breathe, moisturize it, and yet will nourish it with some natural additional oils. Follow this up with your body lotion and enjoy the hydration throughout the night.

2. Don't Forget Your Cream

Hydrate your skin morning and night. The moment you step out of the shower make sure you apply your favorite cream or moisturizer. You'll probably be exposed to a lot of wind, rain or humidity in general, so you might need some additional moisture. Wind can also dry out your hair, skin, and lips, so make sure you pack as many creams, lip balms, hand creams, and hair masks on a daily basis! Also, make sure you carry a lip balm with you at any given point to maintain luscious looking lips.

3. Sunscreen Is Still Important

Just because you are not exposed to some sun rays or if you don't see the Sun you have to know that it is still there and that it can harm your skin, or age you. Use a sunscreen with an SPF 15 (the least) or make sure you use a foundation which features sunscreen protection. This might be a better idea since you will get a 2 in 1 sort of a deal, and you won't have to spend a lot of time in the morning when getting ready for work or any of your activities.

4. Say Bye To Soap

Soap is a bad idea during the colder period. It usually contains some fragrance which can dry out your skin and your hands. You should purchase a natural and harmless solution, or at least go for a cleaner which is fragrance and soap-free. These are not too expensive, and they will make a huge change for your skin.

5. A New Pillowcase

As funny as this might sound, it is still a good and essential addition to your fall routine. You should purchase a silk pillowcase since it is a lot more soft for your delicate skin, and your hair. Every morning you will look a lot more rested, you won't experience any breakouts, dryness, or redness, and your skin will be ready for your moisturizer or your layers of makeup. Also, your hair won't break once it experiences the comfort of satin sheets! Just make sure you wash it once a week and you will be left with wonderful results.

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