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Product Haul: Oribe Gold Lust Line

Something that's been saving mine and my client's hair lately has been the Oribe hair care line! I've discovered them just recently, although they have been around since 2008, believe it or not.

Their formulas can hold the curl, as well as restore any broken pieces of hair! Also, I love the fact that they are gluten and cruelty-free, while all of their products smell so divine because they like to use a bit of fragrance! Although they are on a pricier side, I swear by them, and I highly recommend them for pretty much any hair damage/issue.

If you want to use something new and if you are looking for new hair-care products, I've listed my top 3 choices down below!

1. Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo

This shampoo smells amazing! Lovely mixture of maracuja, argan oil, as well as many flower extracts which you will love since it will make you feel luxurious and glamorous! This shampoo is the best option for stressed hair! When I use it on my customers, they always point out that their hair looks a lot more healthy and shiny. Also, it helps to reinforce every strand of hair with regular usage.

How Do I Use It?

I use it on clients who have hair that is prone to damage. For instance, I think it works best on women with bleached hair. The shampoo helps with scalp irritations, and it promotes circulation while protecting your hair from any excessive heat. Also, it was the best product in 2015, so it has to be good!

2. Power Drops Damage Repair Booster

We all need a good serum that can boost our growth, right? Well, when I found this one I've realised that it was the perfect solution for restoring, rebuilding, and fixing dry or damaged hair. The serum is filled with linoleic acid as well as sea extracts, which can transform even the most dehydrated hair into a shiny miracle!

How Do I Use It?

I use it on everyone, especially those who believe that their hair is naturally thin and prone to damages. All of my clients think that this serum reduces hair fall, and it can be safely combined with any other styling product as well! Also, it gives out amazing, natural, and bouncy curls!

3. Imperial Blowout Transformative Styling Crème

The perfect styling cream ladies is this one! It has been formulated with skincare technology in order to create full, thick, and flawless blowout for days to come! I love it for adding shine as well; it is the perfect choice for the prom season, bridal hair-do's, and night outs since it can give you that amazing Red Carpet vibe!

How Do I Use It?

I use it to create and add a lot of density and body to the hair. The product provides thermal protection, and it can help out with curling, or blow drying sessions while successfully preventing any breakage! Once applied it feels like a cream, then it fades into oil, then once styled and blow dried feels like a good holding powder. It's 3 in 1, what else can I say?

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