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For years now clients have been asking me what is it that I do to keep my polish looking even and un-chipped on a weekly basis. The truth is, I might be the laziest person when it comes to nail maintenance. Everyone thinks I spend several hours a week reapplying my polish, and I understand why someone would think that because I spend a majority of time washing hair and my makeup brushes at the salon. Overexposure to water can weaken your nails and definitely scrape your colour off; however, I found my solution with gel polishes.

Why Go For A Gel Polish?

One word: practical.

This polish is the best option if you prefer low-maintenance, and if you don't mind wearing the same colour for a few weeks. The gel polish needs to be cured under UV lights for 2 minutes until it hardens. Once it does, the polish can last for 2-3 weeks! However, you need to cure/dry your nails under a UV or LED light/lamp if you wish to achieve long-lasting results. If you can't accomplish this on your own rather go to a salon, they will have all the needed tools.

Can You Remove The Polish On Your Own?

Yes, and no.

I personally do not recommend it, although it is physically possible. Know that taking it off on your own can damage your cuticles, nails, and cause some bleeding. This is why you need to find a good specialist, and you need to be comfortable with wearing the same colour each and every day.

However, if you decide to take the gel off on your own, you can do it by adding some acetone to a larger bowl. Place your nails and soak them in it for 10 minutes to loosen the gel. You can pick up the polish with a cuticle stick after they weaken, just make sure you are gentle. If you are too afraid of this process rather stick with a professional and let them remove your colour.

Why I Prefer It

The answer to this: longer nails.

I used to have short and brittle nails, but ever since I've switched to gel polish I've started growing them out so fast, and so long. I believe this polish looks very feminine, and once you add the element of long-lastingness to it, it is a full strike!

Also, if you are someone who bites their nails, a gel on top will prevent you from breaking or biting into the nail. This means that everyone can have long, yet natural nails with this coat on top.

Some Guidelines

If you are going to get the gel polish any time soon, I'd advise you to:

- Wear a sunscreen

This is an excellent preparation that you should do before you get to the salon. Apply a bit of the sunscreen over your hands so you can protect your skin from the UV light exposure.

- Watch out for allergies

Some women are allergic to acetone, some to gel polishes, and some to monomers in the acrylics. Be aware of yours before proceeding with this process.

- Hydration is important

Lastly, I advise re-hydrating nails several times a day with hand cream or cuticle cream. Your hands can get super dry after the application process and all the UV light exposure, so make sure you hydrate as often as possible.

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