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Beginner Friendly Smokey Eye

One of the most asked looks at the salon is definitely a sultry smokey eye. I personally love doing this on all women! Suits every eye shape, eye colour, and definitely any formal event. Throughout the years, I've learned some tips and tricks on how to make it easy and beginner friendly for everyone. If you wish to learn how to achieve a timelessly sexy and beautiful black or brown smokey eye, then keep on reading!

7 Steps To Your Perfect Smokey Eye

1. Prime Your Lid

A smoky eye that can be wiped off in a second is the worst, and that is why you need a good base which allows the colour to settle into the crease and your fine lines. Purchase a primer that suits your skin type, or use a concealer over the entire eyelid. Blend and buff it in with a brush, by making light pressure.

2. Prepare The Colours

A lot of women sometimes believe that a black smokey eye demands only one colour, which is not the case. Before starting with the application, make sure you have at least 4 shades. Two lighter and darker browns, a black shadow, and one white or shimmer shade.

3. Dark To Light

You can go in with the darkest colour and apply it above your lashes, all over the eyelid. Drag the colour up to your crease and don't apply it above it. After you are satisfied with the darkness of the colour, soften it up by using lighter brown on the crease. Make circular buffing motions and blend these two together. If you are too afraid to use black, you can use a dark brown on the lid, and a lighter brown on the crease.

4. Smudge It Out

After you are satisfied with the upper portion of your eye, don't forget to do your lower lash line. Use an angled brush and apply your darker shadows along the lash line. Make patting and not dragging motions if you want to avoid any possible fallout. Watch out for your upper and lower blending skills, and make sure that everything is blended to perfection.

5. Define Your Eyes

After you've received an obvious and rich colour payoff, you can proceed onto the waterline. Use either a black or brown eye pencil and apply it to your top and bottom waterline. Make sure there are no white lines visible, and cover the entire eye, as well as the lash line, in colour. A sultry look demands darkness, blending, and precision, so make sure you do small yet secure motions when doing this look.

6. Add Some Glow

The only highlight that you need is at the beginning of your eye. To open it up and add some radiance, add either a white or glittery colour to the inner corner, and to your brow bone. Pat down the colour with a flat synthetic brush until you are satisfied with the glow intensity.

7. Don't Forget The Lashes

Lastly, don't forget to curl your lashes for a full blown out smokey eye. After you are done curling them, use your favourite mascara and achieve some volume. Add 2-3 coats onto both top and bottom lashes, and make sure you lift them up as high as possible. If you are confident enough, you can also apply a pair of false lashes to seal the deal.

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