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How To Match Your Hair Colour To Your Skin Tone and Undertone?

I always get this question at the salon, and many of my clients are not aware of the fact that not every person can pull off certain hair colour. Being born with a cool or warm undertone does have its benefits, but also some downsides. If you are going to switch your hair colour any time soon and you want to know what would look the best on you then keep on reading!

There Is A Lot Of Different Options

Have you ever had that moment where you went for a specific hair dye and ended up feeling disappointed in the end? Happens to everyone at least once in their lifetime (at least to those who tend to experiment with new hair dyes). Women need to understand that there is a lot of different tones of each and every shade of the spectrum. For instance, the brown shade can end up looking like a chestnut, auburn, chocolate, deep dark, coffee etc, and not everyone can look great in all of these shades.

Watch Your Undertone

Although it may seem weird, this is actually an excellent pointer for proceeding further. So make sure you do these steps:

a) Test your skin on the daylight

b) Avoid artificial bulbs and testing in nighttime

c) Flip your palm and face them up so you can see your veins

d) Determine the colour

Your veins can turn out looking kind of purple or blue. If you are seeing these two colours, then you have a cool undertone.

If your veins are somewhat green, then you have a warm undertone.

If you can't tell or if you are somewhere in between these two then your undertone is neutral. This means that you can pull off any hair colour.

Different Types Of Hair Colour Options

1.Ash Blonde

Icy and washed out colours such as platinum or ashy blonde will look the best on women who have a cool undertone. Ashy blondes will also look great on those with a lighter complexion. When dying your hair just make sure you don't end up looking too yellow since this look won't suit you, and stick to cool tones. This blonde is icy and spicy, just like you see it on your bleached out singers such as Gwen Stefani and Taylor Swift.

2. Warm Blonde

Fair and cool skin tones that have some hints of blue veins will love the warmer blonde. Anything that has some caramel or gold hints will enhance your natural undertone. A so-called honey blonde is also an excellent option for women who have olive skin and neutral undertones. Just avoid this colour if you are entirely warmed toned. The combo will make you look too yellow and plain.

3.Cool Brown

Cool browns are those that don't have a lot of shine to them, such as chestnut, mocha, or dark chocolate. These colours, although being cool and cold, will look great on women who have a warm undertone. Doesn't matter what is your complexion (from fair to yellow) you can go for this colour, and even spice it up with some small and minimalistic highlights.

4. Warm Brown

Warm browns are those that have a lot of shine to them, such as amber, cinnamon or golden brown-honey. Women who have a warm undertone, but a deeper skin complexion, will look the best with this colour. A true diva that rocks this colour the best is Beyonce. If you are somewhere near her complexion know that this colour will suit you the best.

5. Cool Reds

Not that women worldwide love these cool reds since they believe that they are simple and regular. However, burgundy and auburn colours look great on women with fair skin and cool undertones! The contrast amongst your blue veins and a cool dark red will look so unique and appealing. This hair colour is a must have especially during the Autumn since it makes you stand out with all the leaves.

6. Warm Reds

A warm red such as copper or any rustic shade will look lovely on women with a neutral skin tone, or those who have some hints of blue veins and fair skin. Pick your favorite colour on your own and enjoy its subtle highlights and shine once the sun hits it. However, make sure you don't overwash it since these colours tend to wash out sooner than the others.

7. Cool Black

Believe it or not, there is not only one shade of black. Cool black is like dark cocoa, or your black chocolate since the colour is very healthy looking, and unique. If you have a cool undertone and fair or medium skin tone you will look very approachable and exotic with this combo. Women with a darker complexion can go for this shade no matter their undertone.

8. Warm Black

Lastly, a This one, in particular, is a warm black that looks a lot like your coffee and is the perfect choice for women with warmer undertones. Those who are very fair with yellow undertones or even olive skinned tone will enjoy the contrast of their skin and hair colour. This hair and skin combo gives out some porcelain-doll vibes and is very feminine. Also, those with deeper skin can enjoy this cool black no matter their undertone.

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