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Must-Have Hair Care Essentials When Travelling

When heading out of the house and going for a quick vacation, I always tend to double check my beauty bag. Sometimes, I admit, I do miss out on bringing an item or two, so I always strive to be as cautious as possible. Better safe than sorry, right? In most cases, I will forget my hair-care essentials, and not really any makeup item. So, in order to stop forgetting things, and in the hope of improving your travel experience as well, here are my ultimate top 5 hair care essentials!

Shampoo & Conditioner

The most basic and easy to forget items, I admit. I always carry both mini travel sizes when going away. I mostly take a hydrating shampoo and a good conditioner. I need my hair to look healthy, and I believe that any moisture shampoo can achieve that, but not that many conditioners are good at adding volume, defrizzing my hair, or giving it shine. Always look beyond drugstores when searching for your mini travel conditioner samples, and be sure that they won't fail you by leaking, breaking or not doing their business as well as they should.

Travel Size Recommendations:

Dry/Frizzy Hair: Frizz-Free, By: Living Proof or All Soft, By: Redken

Volume: Full, By: Living Proof

Hairspray & Gel

Hairspray is a must, doesn't matter if you are off to a wedding, if you are doing someone's bridal hair, or if you are off to the gym. I always need to have my mini sample since it can come in handy. However, I tend to purchase aerosol ones, and not those little pumps that spray only one liquid tiny spray. Aerosol gives out a natural finish while proving a better hold; therefore, it is a must.

Hair gel wise, I reach for this at least once throughout my vacation. Once I know that I need a defined hold, but not in the form of a spray, I will use my mini size gel and tame down my bangs etc.

Travel Size Recommendations:

Hairspray: Tecni.ART Extreme Lacquer Hairspray, By L’Oreal Professionnel

Gel: Gel Serum or Rock-Hard Gel By: Oribe

Dry Shampoo

I think that every woman will agree that dry shampoos are life savers. This item is a must since I will use it 2-3 times per week, based on my busy schedule. I usually carry a bigger bottle and not a travel size one since I often find myself sharing this product. For instance, a friend or the person I am travelling with will borrow it, and I don't mind sharing. I can't let someone have a greasy scalp you know?

Travel Size Recommendations: (comes in both travel and regular sizes)

Gold Lust Dry Shampoo, By: Oribe & Fresh Dust, By: L’Oreal Professionnel

Shower Cap

Not your everyday must, but I do really love the effectiveness of a shower cap. Every once in a while, the hotel where I'm staying at won't have a shower cap, and I would have to go to the nearest drugstore to purchase one, or to make a quick solution out of my towels. In order to prevent this, I've started carrying shower caps with me to the trip. They are less than $1, yet a remarkable discovery once I want to hide my baby hairs and to keep my blowout safe and dry.

Flat Irons

The most ''extra'' item that I carry with me, but I do think of it as a necessity. I always carry a iron with me since:

a) I can straighten my hair

b) I can style my bangs

c) I can create seamless beach waves

It is a multi-functional product, and it is not too expensive either. I bring with me the 1'' flat iron since this one is the most lightweight, petite, and affordable. If you are traveling overseas mind the different electrical outlets. Do not take an expensive hair tool with you that requires power. Electrical adapters are not reliable and can burn out your tool.

Travel Recommendations:

Single Pass 1” Straightening Iron, By: T3 Micro (for domestic travel)

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