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5 Different Types Of Lipstick Finishes

Being a professional makeup artist for several years I must say that I've seen it all. Different types of lipsticks and lipstick finishes, as well as formulas and tubes/shapes. Also, I must confess that I love them all! However, when doing bridal makeup, prom makeup, or editorial, I always tend to reach for different types of lipsticks since not everything suits everyone just as well, and is not suitable for every event. If you want to find out what lipstick will suit you the best for your event - here is my ultimate guide!

1. Sheer

Sheer coverage is usually something that women who love natural and soft makeup tend to ask for. Sheer lipsticks give out a simple day to day look, and are the perfect option for younger women, those that are at school, or any place where you are not allowed to wear as much makeup. I personally prefer sheer lipsticks since they are very slippery and buttery, and they glide on smoothly. Those who are afraid of color or who are beginners at makeup should strive for these lipsticks since they are very easy to handle. However, I would recommend carrying this lipstick with you all the time since the color can come off easily, so you will need to redo it every couple of hours. Luckily it won't be as noticeable as it would be if you had a matte color on. This lipstick tends to act and looks a lot like a balm, and is the perfect option for your daily activities.

2. Cream

Creamy lipsticks are, well, very creamy and comfortable on the lips. I prefer using this formula on those who have chapped or cracked lips, as well as dry lips. Creamy lipsticks are somewhat long-wearing, but not as much as your favorite matte, satin, or liquid lipsticks. I personally love to use this formula on brides since the finish is very natural and soft, yet visible. However, I wouldn't really recommend this lipstick finish in any darker shade. Darker creamy shades often tend to have minimal coverage, and can look opaque. If you already have some darker creamy lipsticks, make sure you purchase a matching lip pencil so that you can round it all up and define the corners of your lips.

3. Satin

Satin lipsticks are one of the most used and produced kinds in the makeup industry. Satin lipsticks have an intense wear time, as well as an excellent color payoff. The only thing better than them are matte lipsticks. If you are someone who loves MAC, then you might love their satin lipsticks since they provide longevity and they come in several different color options, at a reasonable price. Yet again, I would recommend using a lip pencil with this type, especially if you want to enhance your cupid’s bow and bold and juicy lips. Women who work from 9-5 will love this finish the most, and I would recommend it to anyone who is on a lookout for a large shade diversity.

4. Matte

If you are not afraid of a bolder finish and if you love rocking matte looks, make sure you stack up on the matte lipsticks! These have become some of the most purchased and sold finishes worldwide, due to their crazy pigmentation and promising bold colors. However, you have to have a steady hand with this lipstick, and you need to be super precise when applying it. Make sure your purchase a lipstick which features a rich color payoff, and make sure it is not cheap. Cheaper lipsticks often create dry patches or go uneven on the lips since they contain no moisture. In order to avoid this rather stick to some high-end ones, and make sure you trust and love the brand that you are using on your lips. Throughout the years I've noticed that this lipstick is mostly used at proms, or birthday parties, and is the number one choice with younger women.

5. Metallic

Last and with a blast, there are the metallic or glitter lipsticks. These are attention-seeking and very very tricky to apply. These are pigmented and can look high-end, as well as editorial. They are mostly used for some magazine shoots or editorial looks. This is because they are not as easy to pull off, and are not your typical everyday lipsticks. However, if you don't mind the dual tone with some silver or gold glitter, go for this lippie! I love to call this lipstick metal in a bottle, and although I don't use it as often on my clients, I must admit that I would love for it to come back to the stage.

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