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How To Curl Your Hair With a Flat Iron

This seems to be one of the hardest tasks for my clients since almost every second woman complains about not knowing how to achieve wavy and defined curls by using a flat iron. Women mostly complain to me about this issue because they see me achieving big and bouncy curls with a flat iron. I, personally, find it practical and simple, since I don't have to go back and forth between all other products and tools, and I still get the wanted outcome. If you want to know how I do it, then you are at a right place!

Why You Can Use a Flat Iron For Your Curls

I believe that straightened curls look a lot more modern and chic. By using a flat iron, I always get the elongated shape, while your everyday curling iron can give you round and, sometimes, plain curls.

By using a flat iron, you are actually achieving curls by making your own patterns and moves. On the other hand, the curling wand is a lot different since you get to work only with a specific barrel, size, shape etc.

Also, another plus that a straightener has is that it produces heat on both sides of the device, while wands are one sided only.

How To Do It Step By Step

1. Heat Protector

Start with protecting your hair. I always use a heat protector since this way my client's hair won't end up looking frizzy or damaged. You can also use a spray that has some shine to it - only for styling purposes.

Apply the product from your roots to your ends, by focusing it mostly on any bleached or dyed areas. These parts need the most protection.

2. Even Distribution

You should focus the heat evenly all over your hair since this way you will get the best and even looking curls. Make sure you keep the iron moving and that way you won't burn yourself.

3. Modern Waves

I believe that you will achieve the best looking and modern waves by adding heat and making the first initial curl around your eye level. Move the iron away just a few inches from your roots and start adding volume at the eye level.

4. Divide

Make sure your hair is divided into equal sections. If you are someone who has super thick and long hair, divide it two times per one section by making the first half (that comes up to your ear length) clipped up, and by making the other half lose.

5. Slide

Use the iron all over your hair by making rotating moves and by putting the same pressure through each strand. You can think of your hair as a ribbon (as funny as it may seem) and your iron are the scissors. Just make twist and pull motions over and over again.

6. Release

Make sure you release the flat iron before coming to your ends. You won't need as much heat at the ends. Use your hands and lift up the curl and ''set'' it with delicate crunch motions. Make sure you delicately drop the hair.

7. Set It

After all of your sections are curled up from head to your roots, leave them to cool down for 3 minutes. Use hairspray or any texturizing volume spray and define your most wanted parts and set it all in place.

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