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Different Types of Foundations

When purchasing your new foundation it really does get hard since the options are endless. Nowadays you have so many different types, kinds and brands, finishes, so it can get hard to stay on track. Luckily, due to my years and years of experience, I've learned a lot about proper application and a thing or two about different kinds, as well as what type suits whom the best. Gladly, I will share my knowledge with you right now.

6 Different Types

1. Compact Cushion Foundation

This is not one of those highly used or popular kinds, and it is an old school foundation. Cushion comes in a compact form which, when dipped with a sponge or a brush, becomes very liquid and easy to spread around. Mostly, this foundation feels very cooling and lightweight on the skin and is often medium coverage. I use it on clients who have dry skin and who crave a dewy and wet looking finish.

2. Pressed Powder Foundation

Pressed powders tend to be very drying on the skin, therefore I always use this type on my clients who have dry or combination skin, and then I apply it on their drier parts (usually forehead or cheeks). I prefer applying it with a rounded brush, and it always gives out that matte effect. I highly recommended it for oil control, and for women who crave a medium-full coverage.

3. Liquid Foundation

The most popular and used type is definitely a liquid foundation. This kind can have any finish - semi-matte, matte, glowy, natural- you name it! It is all about purchasing your favorite finish and the one that suits your skin type the best. It is definitely long-lasting, and you can get any coverage you want since this type is very versatile and produced at the fastest speed rate worldwide. I personally love applying any liquid foundation with a beauty blender or a sponge if you will, it always looks even and natural!

4. Spray Foundation

This may seem weird, but so many famous brands like Dior and Temptu have this formula. It is a foundation that gives out an airbrushed finish-therefore it is almost always full coverage. It is a practical spray on foundation that you can apply directly onto your face or at the back of your hand and then buff it in with a flat brush. Luckily, the finish is satin and not matte, therefore you can work with it a lot easier.

5. CC and BB Creams

For women who are all about that natural no makeup look this ''foundation'' is the best. BB and CC creams feature high SPF's (usually 30+) that give out a bit of color, while having plenty of healthy ingredients on your skin. These creams will look the best when applied with your fingers, and they will leave your skin with a nice and glowy shine. Coverage is sheer and barely there, and this is one of those perfect ''on the go'' type of products.

6. Tinted Moisturizer

This is a lot like your BB or CC cream, only with a bit more of hydrating purposes. Once properly applied, this moisturizer will feel comfortable and lightweight on the skin. I usually prefer using this type on older women who don't want a lot of coverage and who have dry or dull skin. Tinted moisturizers tend to give back life and color, while feeling non-greasy or oily.

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