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Nutrition & Beauty Part II

I've previously shared with you some of my tips & tricks about food that can enhance your beauty. I’ve also listed some of the most crucial supplies that you should strike to intake on an everyday basis if you want to look and feel your best. I, personally, love the quote ''True beauty is the beauty from within '', which many of my close friends know about me. This basically means that the better we eat, act, behave, and live our life to the fullest, that we will truly ''glow'' on the outside. Achieving this glow is fairly easy, as long as you know where and what to eat. So, if you are still interested in finding out some other ''must'' foods and vitamins, I've listed the next 8 down below!



1. Turmeric

This is actually a spice that has a lot of nutrients, and that can fight inflammations. I advise drinking it as an addition to your milk or tea every morning. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric will fight unwanted signs of aging, as well as unwanted redness.

I personally love making it from pure turmeric powder. This is my take on it:

- I add 1 teaspoon of powdered turmeric to my bowl

- I allow the mixture to boil up to 10 minutes and then I leave it to cool down for 5

- Since the taste can get overpowering, I like to add some honey to sweeten it. Also, honey has anti-microbial properties, so it is a win-win situation for me.

2. Greens

Any type of greenery is a must! Green leaves are filled with vitamins K and A which can improve moisture level in our skin. I eat a lot of different salads throughout the week, mostly kale or spinach and I instantly get healthy and glowy looking skin. A plus tip is also drinking water with your salad if you want to achieve the ultimate moisture bomb.

3. Aloe

Aloe Vera is not only your typical sunburn gel, but it is also a leaf. You can purchase it quite easily at any store, and simply add up to one leaf to your glass of water throughout the day. There are also some aloe bottled waters that you can purchase, and they are not expensive at all. Every week or so I'll have a glass of this, and any acne will smoothly go away.

4. Reishi Mushrooms

Although this is not the most delicious option on the planet, I must say that it has its benefits. Reishi mushrooms are my favorite when found in assorted raw chocolates, or in some tonics since they taste kind of bitter. Regardless, they've improved my skin's texture and strength as well, while leaving my face free of breakouts. On the other hand, they are the perfect boost detoxifying mushrooms.



5. Spirulina

This is actually an alga which is rich in protein. As previously talked about, any food that is high on protein is a must have. Beauty-wise, spirulina can stimulate your nail growth and leave you with sturdy, long, and shiny nails. Spirulina itself isn't as popular or easy to find at some stores, but you can find it as an addition to so many smoothies. I personally love drinking this type of smoothie at the end of the day.



6. Oysters

Not everyone is obsessed with oysters, but they are still edible. Since they are rich in zinc, they can boost and promote healthy hair growth. Oysters also have iron which will prevent your hair from falling out while leaving it super shiny and healthy.

7. Maca

This was a newer discovery even for me, but I am so glad I've stumbled upon it. Maca is a root vegetable (coming from the broccoli family) which you can find in some black beans or coffee. With often usage, I've found out that maca helps with dry hair, and only promotes its healthy growth.



8. Salmon

Being the biggest lover of Salmon, especially during dinner time, I knew it had to be on my list. Not only that it is excellent at controlling your weight and leaving you full while having the least amount of calories, but it is also good at stimulating eyelash growth! Due to its essential omega and 3 fatty acids, the salmon can enhance your hair follicles to grow. Also, you can find salmon at every restaurant or at the market.

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