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2018 International Hair Trends

Everyone loves striking for diversity, especially women. Staying up to date with all the new trends in the makeup, hair and beauty industry can get hard and overwhelming, but you should always strike for modern and high fashion looks. In 2018, many different hairstylist and models have inspired women worldwide to step out of their comfort zone and go for some of the most popular hair ideas. Here are our top 10 favorites!


#1: USA

During 2018 a lot of models have styled blonde highlights. Stars such as Gigi Hadid and Kerry Washington have shown off their blonde highlights and their bob haircuts, and have inspired women into doing this runway-ready hairstyle a lot more.

#2: France

The messy feathery bangs are a massive hit in France since they give out that 70's retro vibe. This cut is very chic and perfect if you are in a rush and you don't have a lot of time to style your hair. The layering is quite soft while the bangs are full of attitude and texture.

#3: UK

The most asked for look in the UK has been the so-called ''wet look'' among women of all ages. Cut wise, it has been the chin length with a quick and easy blow out with a lot of texture, spray, and mousse action. The look is quite easy to maintain, as well as to achieve. Also, it is perfect for women of London and their wet and rainy weather.

#4: Brazil

Brazil has been a huge fan of length (as always) and of layering. Medium - long cuts with a lot of bouncy curls and low highlights have been trending in Brazil. This is a huge step and a slight difference in the styling process since Brazilians have not been obsessed with the typical curly and the darker colored hairdo.

#5: Japan

Japan is all about low maintenance and the ''cool'' look in 2018. Especially in Tokyo, women have been getting the low lob cut, or the shoulder cut. Women of Japan prefer as little color as possible and they love to enhance their naturally darker color, while styling short bangs with wavy texture.

#6: Italy

After the singer Zendaya slayed her flipped edges the internet went wild. In Milan during the Milan Fashion Week, many hairstylists embraced this look, which made women fall in love with it. The flipped edges hairdo gives out that retro vibe and is one of the easiest hairstyles to achieve since it only demands you to blow out the ends.

#7 Russia

While everyone's been focused on the World Cup, women of Russia have been embracing blonde low lights and big curls. This hairstyle has been trending over there since it suits blue eyes and the Russian naturally pale tan. Also, it gives out the Shakira vibe while being quite high maintenance.

#8: Israel

After winning the Eurovision song contest, the Israel singer Netta Barzilai inspired women to go for bold and edgy hairstyles. Many have embraced the stylish and innovative ideas and went for messy piggy tails, while others loved the low ponytail with some interesting braid details.

#9: Lebanon

Ever since the Instagram sensation Mounir started showing off his work, women in Lebanon showed interest in his innovations. Everyone wanted the darker base with a precise cut, as well as with no bangs and sun-kissed highlights. Simplicity at its best. Actress/singer Haifa rocks the chocolate over chocolate color any day!

#10: New Zealand

Just as it is with UK, New Zealand has also been obsessed with the wet look. Everyone in New Zealand has embraced the messy updo bun with a lot of shine and moisture. This hairstyle can be worn for casual and business events. The wet look adds class and elegance while being versatile and easy to achieve.

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