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Your Next Salon Visit: How to Ensure You Get the Cut and Color You Want

A haircut that is too short and a hair color that is all wrong can be devastating. For most of us, our hairstyle is the difference between major confidence and major stress. In order to ensure that you leave the salon with the do of your dreams, it is important to communicate clearly with your stylist.

This article will provide you with tips to communicate clearly with your stylist, so that you will both feel great after your trip to the salon.

Your Next Salon Visit: How to Ensure You Get the Cut and Color You Want

Getting Your Ideal Cut

Schedule a Consultation Before Your Appointment

If you are visiting a stylist for the first time, or you have a drastic style change in mind, it makes a huge difference if you meet with them before the big day. This enables your stylist to get a feel for your hair texture, style, and the way that it naturally falls. Depending on your hair type, certain haircuts will not work exactly the way that you have in mind.

For example, if you are going for a blunt bob and you have extremely curly hair, it might not sit the way you have imagined. Your stylist’s advice can confirm your ideas, as well as lead you in a better direction towards a cut that will work for your specific hair type.

Your Next Salon Visit: How to Ensure You Get the Cut and Color You Want

Arrive to Your Appointment With Your Natural Hair, Clean Hair

To get the best results from your appointment, it is best to show up with clean-ish hair and with your everyday hairstyle. This gives the stylist some reference points to work from. They can see where your natural part sits and how your tendrils naturally fall.

This will aid them in shaping your locks so that they lay where you want them to. Also, coming in with clean hair is both respectful to your hairstylist and ideal to see your hair in its natural state, not weighed down by oils.

Avoid Using the Word “Inches”

Your Next Salon Visit: How to Ensure You Get the Cut and Color You Want

Your hair stylist’s version of an inch can be VERY different from yours. Ensure that you don’t simply say “I want three inches off.” It could end up being way shorter than you expected, which will be a nightmare.

To clearly communicate, physically show your hairstylist how much you want cut off. It is also helpful to show your hairstylist where you want your hair to fall when the cut is finished. For example, tell him/her that you want your hair to fall on your shoulders, at your shoulder blades, etc.

Bring Photos

Hairstylists tend to be very visual people, so a photo of the cut that you want is extremely helpful. Also, if you don’t feel comfortable explaining a haircut because you don’t believe that you know the right terms, bringing a picture is a great way to solve that problem.

Be Open to Interpretation

Understand that some cuts may not work for your hair type or face shape. Have an open mind when your stylist gives you advice on how the haircut can be altered to flatter your specific look. However, don’t feel pressured to do something that doesn’t feel right in your gut. At the end of the appointment, it’s you that has to be happy with your look.

Your Next Salon Visit: How to Ensure You Get the Cut and Color You Want

Figure Out the Right Products For Your Hair

While you are at the salon, take advantage of the fact that your stylist is very knowledgeable. They deal with all types of hair, and will likely know the most effective products to use in order to achieve your desired style. If you love the way he/she styles your hair, ask them what products they used and how you can achieve the same look.

Achieving Your Dream Color

Your Next Salon Visit: How to Ensure You Get the Cut and Color You Want #hairchart

Consider Your Lifestyle

Would you be able to make it to the salon every two weeks for touch-ups? Or are you looking for something that is more natural and low-maintenance? These are questions you need to consider when choosing your color. If you have naturally dark hair and are considering going platinum, that will require a lot of salon visits to maintain.

Speak with your hair stylists and tell them about your lifestyle. They will give you advice to ensure that you aren’t always stressed or dreading taking care of your color.

Show Up With Your Natural Skin Tone

As you know, some hair colors do not go well with certain skin tones. If you have pale skin and you are thinking of a very light blonde shade, it may make you look washed out if you aren’t wearing makeup. Try going to your appointment without much face makeup on so that your stylist can see your natural skin tone, and make sure that it will suit you well.

Learn Your Terms

When asking for your hair color, make sure that you are using the correct terminology with your stylist. You may think that highlights and balayage are the same thing, however they involve very different techniques. Make sure that you are clear with your stylist and you know exactly what you’re asking for.

Your Next Salon Visit: How to Ensure You Get the Cut and Color You Want

Bring Photos

Similar to making sure you get the right haircut, bringing a photo of your desired color can give your stylist a better feel for what you would like. If you are not sure exactly how to explain your desired color, seeing a photo is a wonderful way for your stylist to better understand your needs.

Your Next Salon Visit: How to Ensure You Get the Cut and Color You Want "Great hair doesn't happen by chance. It happens by appointment."

When it comes down to it, being very clear with what you would like is extremely important. Do not be afraid to ask questions or say no.

A great stylist will tirelessly work with you to make sure that you are satisfied. Use all of your resources, show them photos, ten photos if you need to, and be respectful and patient as you both work together to achieve the perfect cut and color!


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