WAXING: Different types of body waxing and how to prepare for your appointment

Who doesn’t love the feeling of silky smooth legs? Being able to wear a skirt or dress three days in a row is usually a no-go if you shave. Shaving doesn’t remove the hair from the roots and razor bumps and strawberry legs are absolutely dreadful! Well, dread no more, waxing is here. To be honest, it’s been here for a very long time.

The history of waxing goes all the way to the women in ancient Egypt who used pumice stones and seashell-turned-tweezers before realizing they could make the process so much faster by using beeswax or melted sugar and lemon to make their own wax.

However, you don’t need to run to your nearest bee keeper or grocery store to get the ingredients, getting waxed is as simple as setting up an appointment at a salon.

The wax we use nowadays is much more advanced and there are professionals that provide the service to make the process much more comfortable, so you don’t have to sit on your bathroom floor trying to find the courage to wax yourself.

Let’s talk about the different types of wax and how to prepare for your appointment in order to get the smoothest skin out of it.

Hard wax, soft wax and sugaring are the most preferred type of wax. Hard wax is usually used on the smaller areas of the body like the upper lip, chin or underarms but it can also be used to remove leg and body hair.

The warmth of the hard wax while its applied opens your pores, letting the wax grip the hair from the root and remove the whole hair follicle, letting you enjoy a couple of more days of sexy, smooth skin.

Hard wax is applied directly to the skin when it’s still liquid and hot and pulled when it’s hard and dry. Hard wax does not pull the skin and is considerably less irritating than other types of wax.

Soft wax is a thin layer of wax is applied to the body and removed by firmly applying a cloth over it

and pulling. Hot soft wax usually requires an esthetician if you don’t want to burn yourself whereas cold soft waxes are easy to attain and use but it’s not recommended by professionals since it cannot stick to the hair as well as hard wax or soft wax can and it can cause irritation.

The last type of wax we are going to talk about is Sugaring. Remember how we mentioned the Egyptian women using a homemade sugar and lemon wax, in the beginning of the article?

Well this is more or less the same thing. Obviously, the pioneers of waxing were onto something. Sugaring is everything you would want the hair removal process to be and more! Fast, effective, and made with the natural, simple ingredients water, lemon and sugar. Totally eliminating the redness and pain, sugaring also leaves your skin feeling as smooth as ever.

The process can get messy, burn your skin (if not prepared correctly) or not work well if done at home. So getting it done by a professional at a salon is how you make sure you get the best results.

Always remember to prepare your skin for your appointment. Here are some steps you can follow to be in and out of the salon in no time with the best experience:

  • Grab your favorite exfoliate and gently scrub those dead skin cells away a day or two before your appointment.

  • After exfoliating, apply moisturizer

  • Make sure your hair is long enough to be gripped by the wax, so you don’t have a rescheduling conflict or leave the salon unsatisfied, with prickly legs.

  • Just like short hair, hair that is too long can be a pain as well, literally. If your hair is too long, the wax might not adhere to all of it and cause repeated applications.

  • Look out for broken skin, wounds, inflamed areas, beauty marks and moles! Check to see if your skin is in good condition and point out your moles to your beautician, so they can make sure to protect them.

  • Remember to arrive without any lotions or creams on your skin since the oils and the liquids from the lotions and creams can decrease the effectiveness of waxing by helping the hair not stick to the wax.

If you want that sexy, smooth, soft skin, while getting rid of your unwanted hair, waxing is the way to go! The results last much longer than shaving and gets rid of those annoying little razor bumps without burning your skin and a hole in your pocket (yes laser hair removal, we are looking at you).


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