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The Secret Weapon: Face Toner “Tonic”

Most of us care for our skin using face wash and possibly moisturize afterward. At what point in does face toner “tonic” come into our skincare routine?

Think of face toner “tonic” as the binding product to keep the face fresh and clean between washing your face. Toner “tonic” has many benefits to it, even Dr. Hadley King, a New York City board-certified dermatologist has said that toner “tonic” is her secret weapon. Could it soon be yours too?

The Secret Weapon: Face Toner “Tonic” #lamer #skincare

What is Toner “tonic”?

After cleansing the face with your favorite cleanser , a toner “tonic” is highly recommended to restore essential ingredients to repair and soften the skin. The ingredients that the skin’s face will absorb ranges from antioxidants and various other vital ingredients such as, glycerine, fatty acids and ceramides.

Think of it as the daily dose of vitamins that is essential to keep your face looking vibrant, smooth, bright and fresh every day.

The Secret Weapon: Face Toner “Tonic” #skincare

What is the recommended type of Toner “tonic”?

There are three types of categories of toner “tonic”: Alcohol-based formulas, Water and glycerin/glycol-based formulas with fragrant extracts, and Water-based formulas. However, not all of them will optimize the appearance of your skin. Alcohol-based formula can adversely affect your skin because of the ingredient astringent inside of alcohol-based formulas, especially for dry skin. Water and glycerine/glycol-based formulas with fragrant extracts can react and possibly damage the skin because of the fragrance, watch out for fresheners or clarifiers as the labels to avoid. And last, water-based formulas is exactly what type of toner you should consider because of its vital ingredients packed inside of it for restoring, repairing and renewing the appearance of the skin.

The Secret Weapon: Face Toner “Tonic” #skincare #lancometoner

Identifying the right tonic “toner” for your skin’s type

Oily or Acne-prone skin: Typically those with oily or acne-prone skin have to take extra precaution when considering a new product to their skin care regimen, particularly if it contains any of the following ingredients: alcohol, witch hazel or menthol. These are active ingredients that may worsen the skin and increase oil production or make the acne worse.

Toners for Dry or Sensitive Skin: For dry and sensitive skin, it is not recommended to purchase a toner with astringents as it will increase the drying out of the face. However, with the proper knowledge of toners and what to stay away from, it should make it much easier—right?

Toners for Combination Skin: Examine your forehead, nose and chin as well as your cheeks and jaw area—if it is oily then you most likely have combination skin. This skin is manageable with the right products and knowledge on how to use it, often products are made for either, or and when used incorrectly it makes other areas irritated. Only helping the areas that are either oily or dry, depending on what product you are using and what it’s made for.

Don’t get discouraged, there are toners to help combination skin to feel rejuvenated, renewed and restored. The recommended toners for your skin’s type may be more difficult to find or come at a higher price, but the results will be worth it. If your skin is refusing toners or over-the-counter skin care, then consult with you dermatologist as it may be a more concerning issue then just using the right face products.

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