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Makeup Contouring 101

Don’t you just hate it when you go to a party, take a few photos and the next day you come to the realization that your face looks 2 dimensional like a sheet of paper? Well, that 2D look will work no more, thanks to the wonders of highlighting and contouring!

Makeup Contouring 101

Right now, you might be telling yourself that you may have heard these terms used before, but what exactly are they? Well, to put it lightly, it is using shading in order to enhance your natural features, and make it appear that you have a well-defined face.

So, how exactly can you achieve the perfect, well-defined goddess look? Below are a few small tips to help you get started.

Makeup Contouring 101

First of all, choose a bronzer that is the correct shade for you. If you have fair skin, due to the dark tones of a lot of bronzers, it is better to choose a powder foundation that is a few shades darker than your skin tone is. That way, your face will look more natural.

Don’t forget to use a matte bronzer/foundation, since you don’t want to have a lot of shimmer where the shade is supposed to be. However, if your bronzer does have a bit of shine in it, that is no problem; simply go over your normal powder foundation with it to reduce the shine.

As for the highlighter, try and make it have a bit of shimmer since you will want sunlight reflecting off it. Remember, the most important thing about shading and highlighting is ensuring that it looks natural!

Makeup Contouring 101 #facechart #faceshapes #highlight #bronzer #contour

Makeup Contouring 101 #facechart #faceshapes #highlight #bronzer #contour #smashbox

After you have selected the perfect colours for your skin tone, the next most important thing is to blend! You definitely do not want to have visible straight edges showing where you applied your bronzer. Use the appropriate brushes when applying the bronzer and highlighter.

You can use an angled brush to apply the bronzer on the parts that needs the shade, and then just blend it out using a kabuki brush! As for the highlighter, you can use a highlighter brush to bring attention to the particular areas. Don’t forget if your bronzer is too dark or shimmery to go over with it with your normal foundation to make it appear more natural!

Makeup Contouring 101 #facechart #faceshapes #highlight #bronzer #contour #beautyblender

So, now you know all you need to know to make your face appear well-defined! Don’t forget though, practice makes perfect and if you don’t like how you’ve applied the makeup, just try again!

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